Gaiman version of this game is pretty crazy

Into a new world with a new character, and things have been pretty crazy. I got a pair of binoculars, surveyed my surroundings, and apparently there are THREE migo-scout towers around? I don’t even know what is a “migo”, is it a zombie?

My survivor also marked an anthill on my map? I know what an anthill is, but how come such an insignificant everyday thing be worthy of noting on my map? Judging by the giant cockroaches around, I’m guessing the anthill is SO gigantic that it simply cannot be ignored.

One more thing: what is a portal storm? Is it supposed to be something new and is it supposed to be something super frequent? I had a companion who suffers from hallucinations, so one day I had to wear an earmuff to shut off his screams in order to sleep. And right during that day, the game says a buzzing sound occurred and I feel something coming close. I was scared shitless, staring at my sleeping survivor being shut off from the outside world with a pair of earmuffs. My butthole was clenching the whole time. After I woke up, I got an achievement stating that I survived a portal storm. I didn’t quite enjoy whatever that was, and I am definitely not looking forward to another one of those “storms”.

Guess what? Right after one in-game week, I was hit by a SECOND portal storm. It also happened right after I woke up! There is a mission asking me to explore it out? I don’t think so, nope. I also heard lots of squealing sounds out there. I shut all the curtains and closed all the doors. I’m just gonna sit inside and wait this one out.

I also found a subway maintenance map, used it, and it revealed a “subway station?” just north of my base underground, with a vent covered by a single forest tile. Why is there a question mark next to its name? The vent does not seem accessible, as it’s surrounded by fences and there aren’t any stairs going down. When I tried to get through to it via the subway tunnel, I came across a strange monster, it’s not a zombie, it’s called something-something horror? Doesn’t sound like fun, neither does it sound like something I could handle. Ran all the way back to base.

Could all of these somehow be related? The portal storms, the strange subway station with a question mark north of my base and that random monster, what is all this? Is my character going to just randomly die one day?

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The mi-go aren’t zombies and you’re unlikely to survive a meeting with them in your first week or two.

As you guessed, anthills contain huge ants that roam a large area around their hills. The smallest ones are probably around the cockroach size.

A portal storm is a relatively new thing that is described as a rift in the fabric of space. You’re supposedly safe if indoors during the storm. They’re somewhat frequent, and I’m not a fan of them…

A subway station? is not a regular station on the subway network, so people wouldn’t use it during their normal commutes (before the cataclysm, of course). Such things exist in the real world, both in the form of stations that were never opened for one reason or another, and in the form stations for the most equal among equals (and their support apparatus) in the Soviet Union (and quite possibly elsewhere). There are also smaller real world locations housing fixed equipment and maintenance facilities. The vent is accessible when a suitable amount of violence is applied…

The horror is a leftover from the cataclysm, and yes, your character is likely to one day find itself in over the head through over confidence, bad luck, or the investigation of something that was considerably more dangerous than expected.

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I’m pretty sure hes just roleplaying bruh

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Well tbh he’s asking some valid questions. Why did he mark a dirt mount as an “anthill”? If you see some big dirt mound in the distance is your first thought “Oh yea thats an anthill built by giant ants”? If he sees some gray or whatever its color is - purple? - tower in the distance, do you think “Oh yea thats an alien tower they use for scouting, I’ve seen that stuff”. All that portal storm and alien and giant bug stuff supposed to start only a few days before game starts according to the lore, how do survivors we play as already know what the portal storms are?


Thanks for the replies! I do enjoy having my questions answered, as I am not a “pro” in the game yet. There are still many things left in the game for me to explore.

Initially, I thought that this game was just another one of those niche zombie survival with crafting games. But I was glad I was wrong, as there are too many secrets lie hidden deep in the game’s world waiting for me to explore them.

Just today, I saw a mi-go surrounded by a bunch of human corpses. Mind you, this mi-go was far away from any of the mi-go towers that I have labelled on my map. Furthermore, as I was scouting out to find a route to get to the refugee center, I stumbled upon a city with a fungal bloom! At first it was just a couple of boring fungaloids, but as I got closer to the city, more fungaloids appeared, and among them fungal zombies. I spent a good half-an-in-game-hour just watching the zombies and feral humans trying to take down a fungaloid shambler while they are being converted into fungaloid zombies. What fun! There is also this shimmering portal surrounded by rubble! I couldn’t control my curiosity, so I jumped in a couple of times to try and see what would happen, but it all it did was teleport me a couple tiles away and I got bored eventually. Things didn’t stop there, halfway back to my basecamp, I was told by the game that my character was beset by the vision of a prowling beast! Nothing happened though. Guess I’ll just have to wait out and see. All of these events were a first timer for me actually, never thought that just by walking a couple of tiles away from my old familiar town could spawn all of this!