What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


My bionic prepper just finished refitting what used to be a moderately damaged cube van to a mint condition RV with extra storage space and seating for five, plus an extra tank for reserve fuel and solar power to run the stove and fridge. I’ll have to check next time I play but in the process I may actually have leveled up mechanics enough to slap on the military grade armored plating that I pulled off a nearby vehicle while trying to raise my mechanics high enough to fix up the damaged mini fridge.

Oh, and thanks to a nearby tanker truck it has a sixty liter tank full of gas and the reserve tank partially full.


Try boosting NPC spawns to 50.00.


Wait what? How high are your skills?


20 str
24 dex
20 int
23 per
10 cutting weapons
9 melee
Using Niten Ichi-Ryu with a diamond katana.

Stats Through Skills is rather overpowered, if amusing.
Still, that’s the first time I’ve dealt more than around 200 damage.


Vorpal blades have a beheading attack that hits with a damage multiplier in the hundreds.



Ah, I understood the reference but didn’t put two and two together.


I’ve reached a similar state as Aggregate with my normal attacks being so powerful that I sometimes salsa-fy zombies with my unarmed attacks.

28 STR, Unarmed 14 and Large Talons tend to do that.


How does one even get that high in the unarmed skill? Just attack things unarmed for a long time, or something more (excluding books)?


Any combat skill can, with enough patience, be raised as high as 20. Of course, having certain Traits/Mutations to speed this up helps immensely. In my case, I have both Fast Learner and Apex Predator. To my knowledge, Apex Predator is a 1.66% multiplier while Fast Learner is a +20% bonus (not sure how they stack together).

I also got real lucky, and found a patch of Breathers near my spawn. Breathers are pink blobs that regenerate endlessly as long as you don’t kill the center one. So I ground my unarmed skill up to 10 before I got bored. I got the previous 2 levels at the Necropolis picking off Irradiated wanderers. My goal is to get my Unarmed to 20 for the Godhood Challenge.


Eagle Five has taken to the road!

I seriously think this is my best start/game so far. The past few games taught me a lot since I was trying to push myself out of my normal habits.


Noble Culver: I do not need Mutagen. Nope. Not at all. I am perfectly capable of going 6 hours without a mutagenic substance. Absolutely, perfectly, capable.


Found a Strange Temple for the first time, happened to’ve found the key early on in the run so in I went.

It wasn’t terribly difficult until the fire corridor, but I then realised I could just jackhammer a path around the flames.

Found two artefacts at the end, the first a Heavy Staff of Shadowy Technique, which increases strength by 4 when held, makes me rattle when wielded and functions as a pretty good weapon, with 30 bashing. It also functions as a quick-charging reusable flashbang that causes me to feel sharp pain (and causes the fabric of space to decay, but that’s totally worth it).

The second is the Boots of the Repellent Monolith, wearing these causes me to feel unwell and reduces stats (str -2 dex -2 int -2 per -5) but allows me to see through walls.


Just finished crafting a survivor utility belt, my usual milestone for a good game.

Now I’m busy running the roads searching for books so I can transition Eagle Five to electric power. And maybe find the recipe for glazed tenderloin along the way…


That staff of mine? Just tore a rift in space.
From which unknowable horrors pour forth.
Still worth it.

It’s spreading.
Still worth it?


Define “Unknowable Horrors”. Migos? Crawlers? Shoggoths?

If you get to Shoggoths, then you probably want to ditch the staff. Those are some of the meanest creatures in the game; they regenerate super fast, have acid blood and can eat dropped items to gain mass (more health, and this is uncapped).


and here’s my longtime survivor : Unhappy, in pain and with an opiate withdrawal. Other than that, just fine.


Just regular nether creatures, Mi-gos, hunting horrors, flying polyps, yuggs (which can mutate me, apparently) Shoggoths might spawn, but I didn’t stick around long enough to see.


Hordes love minefields…


My newest character tried to burn out a fungal infestation close to their first base, and burned down the base. Along with four gallon jugs of bleach five or six tainted tallow and a couple guns. At least there weren’t any uncommon books in there.


I once blew up a base by lighting the ammo and gun pile instead of the brazier. Better organizational schemes have since been implemented.