What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


The phrase “my life for a wrench” is turning unfortunately literal.


i managed to get a record of surviving 2.5 days, go me and it wasen’t like i was using freeroam on points mode heheheheheheh… :(… i started as a bionic survivor in a military sulprus, hid there unitil night, useing my light step skill i got to a house that i took away 2 curtains to make slings and all string, ate and drinked everything and settled at the house that was right nextdoor and in the basement theat the gouse had, i slept and woke up before night so i crafted slings, then gone to loot, but 1 zombie stopped me, and hit me so loud like he had barrel 'o gunpowder explode near me becose the sound the fighting was making was ridiculous, i drop my loot and run back to the basement and got infected from the woundxvi from the fight… even if i had the infection resist skill i got infected, so i was pretty salty so i wait good 3h before needing to get myself anything to cure my infection, i go out and get killed, also it seems like any combat will give me pain that reduces my stats severly, even scratching myself gets like -1 on all stats,… well, whitout pain resist skill its literly impossible to do combat, so how to i survive more then 1 day?


What the FUCK am I reading


My shower victim bad day survivor, Tomas Simon, just retired on day 69, day 6 of winter of his first year.
He’s driven a Mechanized Infantry Vehicle, upgraded with an M249, an A7 laser rifle, and three quantum solar panels, down to a dairy farm near a moderately large city, and settled down to fortify the farm and clear the town, with the aid of his two NPC companions and six happy dairy cows.
(The cows were saved from an approaching horde of zombies and wild dogs that were distracted by fighting each other long enough to get lasered, with the cows getting only a bite or two from the last dog.)
He’s going to make a lot of cheese.


Farewell, Tomas, you did good.


Thanks, I was trying build the easiest thing I could with storage and minimal resources.

I don’t know how any one could keep a floor trunk balanced on a bike but the image cracks me up. I wish i would of had the parts for some wheelchair wheels I would of made it into my cargo segway of doooooooOOoooom.


I’m hitting a bottleneck. I need to raise my electronics but can find no skill books and have no decent options crafting-wise. The makeshift welder can only do so much…


Learn by crafting and taking apart one thing over and over. It feels kind of silly, but sometimes it’s the only option, and it might actually be faster than reading books at higher skill levels:

Disassemble consoles and stoves for electronic bits, scavenge a giant pile of batteries (a number of recipes and dis-assemblies require soldering iron charges), and then craft and disassemble things at or near your current skill level.

Hacking scrap metal (smash a car if you need some) into antennas will get you to 1 or 2.
Taking apart and putting together a flashlight is enough to get you to 3, at which point you’ll have unlocked plenty of recipes to get you to 6.
Above 6 is harder, since the recipes take longer, use more charges, and have more rare ingredients.


Successfully installed Probability Travel.
So happy. Fear me, locked doors! Fear meeee!


@Aluminumfoil I know I could do the grinding. I just prefer to not do it that way.

And congrats on getting Probability Travel installed.


Found the book for Niten-Ichi Ryu in a mansion, and then after a trek north found a katana. Currently decked out in plated leather armor, bone gauntlets, bone boots, bone helmet, and metal arm guards wrecking zeds.

Also found some basic power armor in a military surplus store but I have no way to power it.


I recomend checking out Rot’s Guide, http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=14995.0

and maybe watching Vormithrax’s C:DDA videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxMZO9A4Jixjr9lbgeBiQ6w/playlists

They helped me a bunch. After I read Rot’s Guide, I managed to last nearly a week :slight_smile: After watch Vorm’s videos, my latest record is 27 days.


Was doing a challenge to find the “Treasure of the Necropolis”.

Found a Can Sealer and a Heavy Duty Cable. Does this count?


i died while crafting a first aid kit, but it was wasen’t the infectsion, it was the fire i made becose i diden’t have a stove, i was low on health in that time and while crafting the fire had heated me to where i would get hurt, am mad now


About the treasure in the necropolis, I’m not entirely sure. I was suggested it, and having never been to one, I assumed there was a difinitive goodie to find.


I suggested it, and I was under the same assumption. I believe I was wrong. There are assorted goodies there (apparently they are the only place you can find the High-Density Capacitor and Beam Scatterer).


Well I’ve acquired a suitable vehicle so the process of transforming it into a mobile home has started.

Now to name the new monstrosity! :slight_smile:


Spawned near a coastal city with a new icon on the map! Something called a “Wreckage,” two squares wide!

Dedicated my run entirely to beefing up enough to check that spot out. Got impatient, and built several noise emitters so I could do a night run through it and find out what was there.


Started a new run with PK’s Rebalance and Cataclysm++. Been finding a lot of snazzy vehicles, but no books on mechanics. Even worse, all the towns I’ve come across were those small, four building hamlets.

4 buildings does not a town make. At least not in New England. It boggles my mind that there are real life towns like Hope, Idaho that don’t even have 100 people in them.


But they at least have a few dozen zombies, right? Because whenever I get a small village, it still feels like a Mexican clown car.


Saw a raccoon kill a tough zombie.
It then tried to kill me, though I spared it in honour of its achievement.

Then this happened: