What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Heh, I once burned a laser rifle, accidentally activated my bionic claws without noticing while burning down a forest.


Jackpot ! Two solar cars and a military vehicle in close proximity. New, upgraded, panels for Eagle Fives roof and a big tank to hang off the rear bumper.


Dismantled an apartment tower for rebar, so I can build an epic stationary base.


Looted the burned out husk of my original base and discovered that food in tin and aluminum cans apparently survives house fires. Got some nice raw materials from the wreckage too, build a charcoal kiln from the rocks I looted. Then a day or two later found a patch of road uncomfortably near my new base replaced with fungus. Need to find a working vehicle, load up what I can, and get the hell out of this town.

And a quick scouting trip found the fungal bloom so I won’t accidentally run directly into it.

Edit: By the time I get my mechanics up to the level I can get these heaps running it will have overtaken my base. Thought I’d take a look at what a fungal bloom looks like up close before giving up and found over seventy delicious delicious berries. If I can’t escape them and I can’t beat them might as well join them.


@proxiehunter Do it!


Got to close to that Beta National Guard camp and a bunch of things started shooting at me and I died. First encounter with one of those. Still, it seems worth trying next time I spawn too close to a fungal bloom for comfort. Never managed to find seeds though.


I really do not like those NG camp robojerks, they’re like chicken walkers that don’t bother giving you a chance to escape. And there are literally hundreds of them per camp.
They could do with having clearer names as well, something like “rifle bot” and “flamer bot” so you actually have an idea what they’re capable of.

Edit: The launcher just ate my mods. Sigh.


Can anyone tell me which of the vehicle mods I’m using added Armored Personnel Carriers? I need to point out to them if no one else already has that their APC’s couldn’t carry many personnel without doors in the vehicle. I found one that’s just a solid wall of armor and boards with no way to get in.


Pretty sure APCs are base game. They have an opaque door at the very rear of the vehicle.


Yeah, the Beta National Guard camp is pretty unappealing. Its an endless trek through hell, with nothing to really show for it except maybe some Plutonium Cells. The issue is that nothing you can find there can’t be found elsewhere.

EDIT: Also, Basic Power Armor or Better is pretty much REQUIRED. I went in with RM13 and got destroyed.


Cooking up mutagen and figured that I might as well make charcoal out of the bones.

Help - I built a metal charcoal kiln but can’t remember how to activate it. It is the one from the construction menu. :frowning:


I think you drop the items into it (using “D”) then examine it to activate it.


Correct. You also need a source of fire, matches or a lighter. I don’t know if you need it every time you use the kiln of just the first.


It was hidden underneath the camera on the same spot. Apparently I missed it when I checked for doors by pulling up the vehicle construction menu and going around the frame bit by bit. I could have sworn I tried to walk through that spot at least once and it failed to open though.


Tried a quest to kill a horde master. The horde had two zombie necromancers in it. They kept resurrecting each other and while I tried to get them both killed the rest of the horde surrounded me. By the time I broke through I had almost no HP in my head and four deep bites. Pain was too high to run well and they caught me again finishing me off.


An encounter with a Yugg resulted in me getting Hollow Bones and a Chemical Imbalance.
The imbalance is irritating, but I really didn’t want hollow bones.


That’s when you toss a molotov, either at the necros, or at the horde if you can’t hit the necros.


Survived 2 days killed and ate my buddy and then accidentally set myself on fire and my .45 magazine and 1911 exploded killing me


Sounds like many of my starts as well.


Have you ever died doing 90 in a bus on a straight empty road?