What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Unless things have changed substantially, by the time you can make it into a mall safely, there’s nothing that you want in it. It’s generally low end clothing, food, and jewelry stores.


Possibly a hunting store with some guns and ammo but as I understand it that is fairly rare (or am I thinking of the motorcycle shop).


On the 6th iteration of my in-the-woods, rebuild civilization from scratch survivor, I fled from my starting location due to a mi-go being too close and set up my base in a swamp next to a hematite vein. After 19 days, she’s got a half-built log cabin, an iron mine, and a working forge. She’s also deforested the local area.

The next step is to build a couple of carts, now that she has access to nail technology, restock her food her supply, and keep expanding. Medium term plan is to start farming, and then figure out electronics.


Which mod are you using for mining purposes?


DangerNoodle’s mining mod:

It’s not in mainline, because it’s fairly specialized and is generally unnecessary. I’m only using it for the challenge of having 0 manufactured resources at start.


Ah I was wondering if it was that mod or a different mod.


They can be. I recommend getting a loud noisemaker (a shotgun will work) and going to one side of the mall, making some loud noise a tile out, wait a minute or two, then do it again two tiles out, and then run around to the far side and wait a half hour or so. With luck, a ton of the zombies will wander out onto the other side and you can go in and loot a mostly depopulated mall.
This requires hordes to be on, though.


My spider mutant died. I was raiding science labs for endgame challenge and tried to hack a computer, but got security bots spawned on me. I managed to run away from them just enough to duck behind some cover. And then I decided to do something really dumb by swapping out my zweihander for my FN SCAR-H rifle. I don’t know if its autofire would have been sufficient to damage the thing, but I never ended up finding out because I didn’t consider that “store zweihander in inventory - wield rifle” will cost me like ~6 turns. While I was swapping out weapons, the bot rolled into my line of sight and obliterated me before I could react at all.

Ah well… I was on the verge of reaching the point where I had nothing more to do, anyways. Next character’s gonna experiment with martial arts.


@mlangsdorf yeah I saw that. I was able to clear the Zs (more than 250 total, holy shit) and got in there but apart from a handful of guns there was jack shit. I found more stuff outside the damn mall actually.
Edit: my character couldnt sleep for 2 days and a half straight so I decided to repair my gear, cook some stuff and grind tailoring. At 9pm, I started feeling tired, so I ate and went to sleep only to sleep 12 hours straight…


My character has a (serious) Mutagen problem. And a slightly less prevalent Amphetamine problem. Worth it though.

Does Metallassomaiphile actually effect Mutagen addictions?

EDIT: The 101 Depressants was easily filtered out of my system. However, I’ve still been taking 3-digit morale penalties from Mutagen Withdrawal…


Did you take the lab spawn to get all that shit within 12 days? I barely got this in comparison.


I’m in my third year, actually. I’m lucky if I get so much as three vials in a lab start…


oh yeah that makes more sense all of a sudden.


New survivor made it through the first night in one piece. Found a few decent books and some food before being scared out of town. I was hoping to find a screwdriver though, maybe the next night raid will net one.

Once the water collection is set up I’ll feel better about things.


So I was headed towards some interesting shit on the mapiny first deathmobile (yay APC spawns that have a faulty engine with a bus with a perfect engine right near it, JUST before finding a goddamn semi that has a perfect V12) and I ended up finding a mil roadblock on the road. I wouldnt complain if I hadnt gotten shot right in the chest by a fucking .50 cal tho.


Antimaterial Turret? Never seen those before…

Also, OUCH.


I was surprised too. I had to stay like 6 days at the same spot because of me scrounging up materials and killing the second milspec turret. The antimateriel one got blown away immediately by my .50 turret, but then my 250 rounds turned to dust because autofire shot them all.
Hey at least I can remove the horribly energy consuming cameras from my apc, the fucking thing is a (reinforced, military plated) glasshouse.


Careful of those Hazardous Waste Sarcophagii! Last time I found one, I’d been wandering the frozen New England wastes all night, having badly misjudged the distance to the nearest Jabberwock-free town. I put on the radiation suit I found inside, for the warmth, and promptly fell asleep on the bench. When I woke up, I was being mauled by a bear!


I built the silliest bike. Two tiles long. A handle, controls, saddle, foot crank, alternator, headlight, 10" wheel. Then a light frame, motorbike battery, 10"wheel, and a floor trunk.

I was zipping along and suddenly a cougar leaps out of the woods. My steel spear gleaming in the light plunged into the creature with a quick thrust.


@TheKobold I like your bike!

On the third night I found a screwdriver and a real hammer to replace the makeshift one I had crafted! Now if I can manage to make a welder I’ll be able to start working on a vehicle.