What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!

  • Found Holographic Sights in a SWAT Truck. Equipped it to my RM216 SPIW.
  • Nearly died to some chick firing 7.62x39 bullets at me.
  • Have enough female companions to qualify as a Harem (which is weird because I’m a Post-Thresh Chimera, and I’m pretty sure most women aren’t into that).
  • Returned home after a 3 week long expedition up north that proved very fruitful.


Considering these two statements together, I cant see why not.
Anime Logic
Edit: Also Furry Logic


Well, one of my companions is named “FrozenFoxy”.


In case this is not known: vitamin deficiency is cosmetic and only serves role playing purpose, at the moment.


idk. I added in some effects, and I know for certain that hypervitaminosis has effects in my mod


We need a way to make monomolecular weapons, probably from that weird lab machine or maybe we get some sort of 3d printer.


I think in pks mod you can make monomolecular blades out of the cbms. Or are you talking about making the blades themselves?


Actually cata++ adds weapons salvaged from cbms.


Is that so? Well, that’s somewhat disappointing, but still, I’ll just play as if they worked properly.


Got bored of roaming the NE in my Doom Semi so I retires Odis Grey Mall Cop.

Playing a Bionic prepper out of town. Fought off a Spinosaurus and found a fortified apartment building full of raiders. Been a struggle for resources but this makes the early game much longer and more satisfying.


Harrison Wade just marked two years of survival after the cataclysm. He dreams of leading a group to reclaim some of the land but has not seen a person in over two months now…


Martin’s life for the past 60 days have had ups and downs. He’s made a couple more friends, all of whom want a different set of patient transcripts, and there was only one copy in the only local doctor’s office. So he spent a couple of weeks armoring up and repairing/improving the APC, and is now roaming around the countryside looking for ways to get to a hospital. On one of his trips, he found a dairy farm, and in a daring raid, managed to herd three cows onto an enclosure on the fire station roof.

His most recent effort involved fighting a pair of Flaming Eyes - I think there’s a reality rift there, but I’m using Chesthole so I can’t see it. He later got caught in close combat by a shocker brute and although he won, he got bit up pretty badly. On the way back, he drove through a minefield he thought he’d cleared but hadn’t, and the explosion blew a wheel off his APC. He’s limped back to base to nurse his wounds and restock.

Martin has only found 6-7 solar panels, so he’s constantly running low on batteries to run his welders. He’s probably going to have to switch to gas at this rate.


Do I need to mount an alternator along with my generator? I finally found one after foolishly leaving two behind awhile ago.

Now Harrison can have his all electric, all the time, deathmobile!


Only if you feel like it. Remember the 2.5kw generator is just fancy alternator and all alternators reduce the power of the engine ratcheted (still doesn’t stop having one of every alternator on it)


There is nothing more disheartening than checking the only two labs in your remote vicinity, painstakingly making your way down to the bottom floor, and finding that both of them have the stupid half life reference with zero payoff in the vault chamber. It’s like a 1/4 chance!


I’ve reached Peak Madness. I’m so proud of myself.


Leukocyte breeder? Something else? Also that is the weirdest green message I have ever seen from this game.


So, I’ve had a good run on my current spawn. Decided to spawn on a farm instead of the city as usual and i’ve been surviving very, very well. One thing tho: Does anyone know if malls are worth the trouble? I’ve already killed a good 70 Zs (amongst which at least 50 trying to get to the damn mall) and there’s more, and more and more.


Got into a Hazardous Waste Sarcophagus for the first time. Didn’t know playboy was considered hazardous waste.


It’s a moral hazard.