What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Couldn’t find it on youtube so had to record and upload myself.


Just cleared out a FEMA Camp with a pitchfork, suprisingly there were few soldiers.


Just smoking a joint with Mr. Sprinkles… :joy:


I just don’t know what went wrong.


Run Luke! Run!

haha thats hilarious.


And leave my boon companions to die alone? No, this was the end of the line, this time. Perhaps they shall meet again in the next life. Though the wasteland will forget, one more epitaph stands as memory.

Needed to update, anyway. Want to try out that Dried Fruits mod.


Started a new survivor, Miria Silver. After escaping the lab that had been her trap, she found the only signs of civiliation was a manor and a prison. A quick raid of the manor turned up some pretty useful stuff and a banged up cube van that was in working condition, using the limited tools avalible she manged to fix the most pressing issues, fit a few upgrades for the cargo space and stuffed a bed in the back using parts from a nearby car with a fault engine. The fuel situation was pretty bad though, between the van and the near by car she managed to scrap together about 3 litres of gas so it was time to check out the prison. The cars outside didn’t help much and food was still thin on the ground even after clearing out the manor so she enter the prison…


“Bloody bots!” Was the thought running though her mind as Miria fled.


If you stay in “very dark” tiles they won’t see you unless you come close. In any event they will likely target the zombies on the other side of the bars before you.


Took down seven secubots without getting gibbed? Nice. You manage that with the pokey stick, or did you have an EMP grenade or something? I sure as hell would’ve just run.


It could be zombies too…


You can’t really see it there but one of them was sneaky :stuck_out_tongue: it got a volley in while I was trying to lure it out of the (lit) room to the south east and near enough to the bars to EMP.


Never bring a pokey stick to a gun fight :stuck_out_tongue: took 3 EMP grenades to drop the group to the south before that last stubborn one got a good volley in.


Welp, after the careless death of my day 15 unwilling mutant, I decided to do some more random gen characters. Currently playing a rifle hunter with a rotary 10/22 rifle. However, I quickly changed that to a crossbow with about 150 bolts and decided to start training my unarmed skill, so I’m sorta an unarmed, crossbowman. It’s fun but I almost died when killing a bloated zombie that was too close to me and then having a shocker brute zap me; fortunately, It was almost dark so the shocker almost immediately lost sight of me once I got through the clouds.

I’ve been having troubles with zombies migrating to my evac shelter though, not too much trouble because unarmed weapons have insane swing times that make quick work of your normal zed, just trying to raise fabrication so I can make some other unarmed weapon, because even if swing times are great, I still suffer from having low damage with nail knuckles.

Could I make a palisade to block off the bridge? Or do zombies not care about walls (or rivers?) outside of the reality bubble? Would that solve my issue of zombie migration?

Got a great story of running into a random NPC that migrated from the north all of a sudden. They had almost completely mutated to a cephalopod, and he approached, he was like “This is no place for humans, I’m trying to find Cephalopod mutagen”. He then rejected the offer of joining my party, and almost immediately jumped into the water to grab some rotten/mushy eggs I had tried to throw away.
Then he just swam off to the other side of the river, never to be seen again… God speed, squid dude, god speed.

Honestly have never tried making death mobiles, but I might try one permitting my solar car provides enough, and Im able to scrap some from vehicles from the town across the bridge.

Should I extend the shelter with a garage to protect the solar car? I remember wandering around my base trying to find anymore zombies and found one trying to tear up my solar car. Luckily I managed to lure the zed from the car with a quick flank…

(The set up for my shelter is really nice, as you have to cross a sizable bridge to the nearest town that’s to the south, to the north there is a missle silo, and you either have to cross through a giant forest, or travel along a winding road to get to a city to the west, however there’s some slime pits near both towns, which I have never explored, and probably will not in the near future either.)


Somehow actually having a semi successful Lab Start as a Broken Cyborg. Managed to find both the exit and succeed in breaking into a barrecks, getting actual equipment, and an assault rifle with mounted grenade launcher, two magazines for it, and ammo for with it, the grenade launcher, AND a pistol with mag and ammo as well. Blind holy bloody luck of the saints this character has. I may for the first time actually escape the lab! My gun thinks so too, he’s got my back right good! It’s always nice when your equipments got your back!comforting


I used the invisibility cloak to get around there, the robots wont shoot if they cant see you even if they know you are there


Can’t ask for a better partner


Talking gun? How the hell does that work??


Thats awesome man!

Now thats a ‘smart’ weapon!


Schizophrenia. charlimit