What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


When did wasps learn Blink?

They have been phasing in and out of existence chasing me through closed buildings… I have a new hated enemy


Are you playing with Z-Levels enabled by any chance?


First Time using it so I suspected this to be the case but how does that explain the tunneling through walls magically?


Nah, so, they can fly up and down, right? But that doesn’t check for roofs, I don’t think. So, basically it’s flying up, moving over the wall, then flying down, even if ‘down’ is into an enclosed building.


Yeah I was considering that too… At least they changed wasp drops to be meat instead of tainted


The Eaters become the Eaten…


So I accidentally crafted a slime breeder a while back, was supposed to be a blob breeder but I wasn’t paying enough attention, rather then dismantle it I stuck it in a corner to test later and forgot about it. Roll foward a few ingame weeks and I discover it while reorganising my base, thought “what the heck, lets try it now”. Now I have hostile slimes fighting blobs in the corridors of my base while giving me emotional support… I’m feeling rather ambivalent with the whole situation.


How did you manage to fit 2700L if ether into a 60L tank?


Upon notice of a sanctified place in the distance, to the east of the city of Wilmington, our resident medieval transplant got her dander up at the thought of a house of the Lord defiled by the demonic pretenders she had been slaughtering all Spring and now well into the first half of Summer. Taking her stalwart companions, Bob the elf and Valerie the bird-woman, she set about cleansing the cathedral of the dead. What would have been an impossible task a few months previous now proved child’s play, as her cobbled-together gear protected her from the slings and arrows of Satan’s children, even the deadly miasma exuded by the bulging, sickly-green ones.

Making short work of the dead, with only a few startles due to rogue deadites attacking the crippled Valerie (victim of an unfortunate flamethrower mishap) sheltering in our magic horseless carriage, the Lord’s house was quickly purged, awaiting its final cleansing and return to service, perhaps in sheltering those humans massed together in a refugee shelter directly north.

Upon making entry to the shelter, Pandora is struck by perhaps the strangest sight she has yet seen, in a world full of strange sights.

After questioning the inhabitants of the shelter and taking care of the trivial matter of a former refugee-turned-shocker zombie, the resident merchant alerted Pandora to an alarming development; a gang of raiders had intercepted a trading party not far from the farm house that she had found and taken as her own. It was time to head back home and water the crops.


Jimmy here started out in a boarded-up house on the edge of a city by a river. After a few break-ins, he decided holding down the fort was suicide, and lit the place up as a distraction.

As his childhood home was reduced to a smoldering pile of ash and rubble, Jimmy made his way to an old camp by the river. There, he found an axe and some matches. He built a stone shovel and dug a shallow pit outside of one of the tents. He filled the hole with a log and wood splinters, then started a fire. That fire got out of control, and most of his few possessions were incinerated. He only had a crossbow, the axe, and the clothes on his back.

Seeing as it hadn’t let him down so far, he continued west along the river. Soon, he came upon a lone raft. The decision was clear; If they can’t reach you, they can’t kill you. He took the raft without a second thought, and drifted even further downriver.

After a few hours on the raft, Jim spotted an island in the center of the river. There was a house in very good condition. He landed on the island’s west shore, and made his way to the house. It was empty, save for a dead couple in the shower. Jim stripped the corpses bare and set them aside for a future meal. First, he needed to secure the rest of the island.

On the other side of the house, there sat two cages. One was empty, the other contained a very volatile-looking humanoid. Bolts of electricity arced off it’s figure and onto the steel bars which contained it. Not looking to get electrocuted, Jim readied his crossbow and dispatched the thing with three or four bolts.

Further investigation revealed that the island was uninhabited, save for Jim and the corpses. There was enough material lying around to build a proper wood stove, so after a bit of butchering and tree-cutting, Jim had a soft bed, a warm meal, and a nigh-impenetrable fortress.

There were a couple mostly uneventful scavenging missions. All the excitement came from the plunder. Over all his excursions, Jimmy obtained a Glock 17 with 150 rounds of ammo, a double-barrel shotgun with no ammo, a pro fishing rod, two canteens, and a halligan bar, along with plenty of food and drink(only some of which wouldn’t leave you blackout drunk after two shots). The fishing rod has allowed Jim to remain off the mainland for most of the week, and once summer comes, he’ll plant a more sustainable food source.

Thus, we are left in our current situation. Jim living a semi-normal life, even in the end times. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


Its a display bug, vehicles don’t seem to like storing ether for me.


Someone has a soft heart. Thank you for the flagging. If it helps my colony now lives on a diet of full grown cats


Thats damn good, except for the cannibalism. That one is Commie-tasic!


Cooking up some tasty meat jerky


“I may have never knew ya. But we’re gonna be closer than siblings for at least ten hours.” swallow


Gunfighting a bunch of bandits sitting in a burning house while zombies pour in from all sides. I have to admit, the snow is turning green with my blood at the moment so I can’t necessarily say it’s going well.


You have a kind of sick desperation in your laugh.


Thats just the lung cancer :wink: Thats something thats earned, not given



I’ve been reminded I need to rewartch this movie again. And read the book.
I stand rightfully humbled