What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


It won’t work, since there’s no “blocked tile” on the overmap yet. The hordes will pass through the wall, and even if they couldn’t, they don’t need to breathe and will happily stroll through the river tiles anyway.

That would be a good idea. I think road barricades are the best option, they’re fast and cheap to make. They don’t block line-of-sight, but do prevent zombies from crossing them. Plus they make a cheap gate feasible, if a bit of a hassle to move compared to a proper gate. (Since you have to grab and move one barricade for each tile of vehicle width)


Stashing the scalpel in her pack, Miria wiped her hands with a grin and surveyed the pile of bloody bionics layed out on the pavement, never had she been so happy to get jumped by a group of zombies!

(7 techies and a shocker, as one group :joy:)


I picked up a nerd called Portia just outside some apartments I’d been exploring, she was scared of me at first but after I put my weapon away she agreed to join my team. I’ve geared her up and I’m currently training her to be competent at anything other then computers.

She started with nothing but bartering, electronics and computers :expressionless: and I need to find her some glasses but we will prevail!


Rebuilding humanity one person at a time. Going to try and set up camps with my first character to ever succeed at socializing. He may be a broken and battered one armed Botched Bionic Supersolder but he can still inspire some respect. Collected a solid crew of a freakishly huge camera loving cowgirl who keeps stealing my batteries to recharge her camera and the unpleasant crossbow fella who sits crouched in the fireplace and defends the home. Assuming the 5 zombie Bio-Operators and legions of solder zombies in the area don’t kill us all. Shame I can’t use all these fully loaded rifles I keep finding, the one time I have only one arm is the one time i only find rifles instead of only pistols.


Waking from a nightmare of fire and pain, the last thing she remembered was reaching out to her friends as the flames consumed her. She awoke in a forest. Was it a dream? It felt so real, and here she was, again, just like last time. The needs of survival, however, quieted any restless thoughts and she found her way south to a strange cave, built by undeniably-human hands. Thanking the Lord for blessing her with shelter, she spent a few days gathering the supplies and crafting the tools she needed to survive, before making her way north to a walled-off enclosure. A fortress, it was, sealed from the outside world. In her dream, she had seen this place before and it was filled with the spawn of hell, but also with supplies. This time, however, things felt different. There were signs at the gate, written in an unintelligible script, and one of those strange horseless carriages was waiting for her right out front. Providence.

Mustering her courage, she attempted to get the thing to move, and it responded to her command. Having no other option to break through the gate, she recited a swift prayer and commanded her iron steed forward into the gate, smashing a hole large enough for her to enter. Much to her surprise, there were no demons inside, but people. Irritated at her transgression, they nevertheless allowed her free range through their fortress. Quickly she learned that they were a very pacifistic people, unwilling to do violence except in direst need, but unsatisfied at doing nothing but waiting to die. During her search, she ended up conversing with many who expressed a desire to see the outside world, to fight the monsters who would consume them, and to build a new life for themselves.

In the end, she found herself with a following of twelve women and four men, lacking the changes of the friends she had lost in the dream, but highly-skilled nonetheless.

The question changed to a more-relevant one. How on earth was she to feed them all?


“But it huuuurts!” Portia complained in a slightly nasal tone as Miria gently treated the young womens wounds, Miria snorted, “Would you rather I took you to fight zombies? I mean we could try that instead, they do bite though, and spit acid, and electrocute…”. Portia pulled a face but subsided into inaudiable grumbling, after carefully tying the last bandage Miria flashed her a fortifying smile and patted her shoulder reassuringly “You’re doing fine, we’ll take a break and hit the books and I need to sort you out a new duster. Now where did I put that spiced mead… I think we’ve earned a treat”. She turned to rummage through a nearby container but stopped as Portia spoke up shyly “Thanks, you know, for looking out for me” Miria waved it off and went back to searching “You can thank me by surviving” she replied firmly.

Training is progressing! Portia is still a bit weak in combat but she can at least hold her own now and she’s up to scratch when it comes to helping me craft now, things are going quite well I think!


Based nerd waifu. Protect that smile. Find a French maid outfit and reinforce it with kevlar.


After dealing with human mutantphobes and getting rushed by angry crocodiles Maddy had already endured a particularly shit day. Her tentacles were sore and the 100+ pounds worth of gear on her back weren’t adding any positive effects on her psyche. As luck would have it though…those lovely LMOE shelters are a great place to kick back and read a book to her mutant friends. So…it came to pass that Momma Madelyn read to the mutants of the ramblers gang while they all gathered round the fire and drank beers. Not a bad close to a shit day.


The power of refrigerators.

But it can still shoot through glass. Ouch.


looting an deserted part of town. Only to open a door and find 30+ zombies children


Oh ya those houses are funny. The zombie orphanage


I knew Orphanages were a thing but had no Idea that they looked like. but hey at least i didnt get mauled by a horde of zombie Annie’s.


Take THAT turret!


Imma have to try this


nvm zombie orphans killed me. Its a hard knock life after all.


Found a smokerand charcoal and plan to use it afther i bring it to my base.wish me luck


My previous character was a bionic cyclist shopping at a clothing store in a world with the city size set to max, monster spawns 1.5, npc spawns 2.5, and item spawns 3.0 when the cataclysm struck. He grabbed a military rucksack and a windbreaker and drove across the city on his folding bike until he managed to escape the hordes. He waited until night to scavenge for food and water, barely breaking even before sleeping in a house basement. Next day he climbed out of the basement to find a horde invading the house. He tried to escape but had his right leg destroyed by a zombie super scout that moved at the last second and got his. He ended up being devoured by a horde of undead dogs.

Current character is a post thresh rat man with all pre thresh trog mutations. He’s cleared all of the experiment cell start floor with the exception of the section that he locked the brute that spawns there in.


a stupidity i do recently…

use stat through kills mod, set the stat increase on flat 1-kill gain… kill lots of zombies, got stat increase, repeat…

in the end all my stat goes bugged (100+ but the number overlap the HUD) and killing hulk with axe causing me to deal bugged damage like e+ damage and crash the game :smile:


Found 2 working electric cars and brought them back to base.

Found a working 4 cylinder car. Managed to gas it up and turned it into a loot-mobile. Currently its all trunk space except for the driver seat, but as soon as I find some bigger cargo spaces, I’m gonna upgrade that.

Found “Feletchers Friend”. Having a blast with that one.

Found an atomic lamp and killed my first feral predator.

This play through has been a bit weird. I found all these books for leveling skills from 5 to 10, but only a couple that will raise from 1-3. I’m stuck at mechanics 3 and I need mechanics 4 to start installing solar panels and reading some of the more advanced mechanic books.

Currently I’ve killed a bunch of Zs and am looting houses and cars for all the spare parts I might need. Next on the to-do list is to get a hippie van up and running. Hippie van is gonna be the Ram O’matic. And then we are gonna go on a rampage!



Pipeguns. Build pipeguns.