What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Has anyone ever found a way around that?

Well, here’s an interesting development…

…I had previously used the smoke and frags from an M320 grenade launcher to sneak and punch my way out of the labs, decided to keep the keep the weapon on me as a FUBAR option. Between that and the L523 rifle I found later, I was feeling pretty near invulnerable.

Then I found like 30 more 40mm frags from a Mk 19 in a wrecked HMMWV and I was a very happy zombie-slayer indeed…


…crew-served automatic grenade launchers like the Mk 19 and the newer Striker 40 doesn’t use the same ammunition as the M203 or the M320. The former use 40x53mm high-velocity rounds; the latter uses 40x46mm low-velocity rounds. I don’t think you could ever fit a high-velocity round into the chamber of a launcher designed for low-velocity, and I think it would be a very bad idea to try.

All that said, the Mk 20 Mod 0 of the Vietnam-era did use the same 40x46mm round as the M79 grenade launcher.

I don’t know if this is a bug, a factual error or a design decision. I guess if I want to be pedantic, I can just set the “high velocity” grenades aside and eventually use them to craft mininukes.


My churl has gone through the first half of spring and finally found another living person, an elf mutant by the name of Bob. Go figure. After desperately running him down to give him the inhaler he asked me for (why do they constantly run away from you when they’re going to die without your help?), I took him to a local anthill for some training, because his combat skills are garbage. He’ll get there, in time. I figure that if I manage to survive the year and he manages to survive the year he can teach me how to read, because that’s a thing that can happen when you’re a reasonably-intelligent churl with somebody around who knows how to read. I’ll probably edit in something to take the place of Illiterate, just to keep things sporting. Assuming I manage to survive, of course. It’s gonna be a long year.


You would be absolutely right.


the Appalachian Squid Girl known as Maddy Kane with top hat and all sneaks up to your door. She knocks quickly and then slithers away on all six tentacles. Upon opening the door you and your new Elvin friend find two cups of steaming chicken broth the old school bullion kind from before everything went South. There is a note accompanying both cups. Y’all stay healthy now it’s only proper.


After getting a bit excited about finding a (cheap knock off) katana and spotting the first zombie hoard made up mostly of normal zombies I’d seen since escaping the lab, I decided to engage in very unninja-like behaviour and pulled the lot of them for a nice brawl. All was going well, I’d hit my adrenaline pump CBM, taken the chance to try out my shockwave CBM and just generally danced around them for the surprise strikes with ninjusu. Trouble was I was having that much fun I didn’t notice the other three hoards attracted by the noise until a hulk popped onto my screen, my stamina was tanked so I bugged the hell out of there. After leading them through a dump and a pile up I finally gained some distance after they got caught up on a second pile up, it was now or never, I reached into the “emergency” quiver that I’d be hauling around for the best part of three months without touching to try out those explosive arrows I’d been so curious about… deafness aside they were a resounding success. The trouble is I think I’ve attracted everything in the local area…


I don’t know. I burned the coffin instead.


Boot up the latest experimental after many months, see there’s a new lab start location I’ve not seen before. Fun! Carefully design my Unwilling Test Subject, pondering how I’ll manage to escape my cell. Who knows? Maybe the doors will be unlocked by some kindly NPC? Once I’m all kitted out the cell is revealed to me with a nice handy gap in the south wall and a worryingly closed door to the north. Rather than go for the obvious way out I take some time to examine the cell a bit more, especially the door and the window. I mean, why go for the first option that presents itself?

A few minutes later I totally regret it. The mystery of the hole is revealed.
“Hello, Zombie Hulk! What a fine day it is to GTFO ASAP!!!1!213!”

I sprint as fast as my little legs can go but there’s no room to kite the hulk and it’s in the centre of the room. I’ll have to chance the whole three tiles it’ll take to get past, and I don’t like the odds.

Less than a minute later Unwilling Test Subject #1 is a bloody mess spread across the wall of his cell and I achieve my fastest death ever.

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I just love the fact that my character is literally burning in hell and has ‘Happy’ in effects.

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Today my ninja witnessed a strange sight, lightning playing across rubble on a clear day near a crashed military helicopter. After putting to rest the lost souls within she decided to investigate the supernatural phenomenon more closely, in the center of the chaos was an untouched thin sheet with a perfect pattern that even her eagle eyes couldn’t decern the truth of at such a long distance. A relic of the Gods perhaps? surely such perfection could only be their work? perhaps if she got a closer look…
Stepping from rock to rock, the lightning danced harmlessly around her for she’d been trained to have a tool for any situation. Soon she was in the center of the chaos and an eager hand reached out to take the relic, for what else could it be? what else could grant the termendous power she now felt flow through her? so much power it was painful and there was that perfect pattern…


The fractal napkin! Praise Cthulu! Bet it makes you ugly as sin when you use it. :unamused: The vicious cycle: *blows nose* *nose grows rat-like* *wipes mouth with napkin* *grows mandibles* *sees self in mirror, bursts into tears at sight of 'Grotesque'-ly mutated face* *wipes eyes with napkin* *eyes pop out on pretty slug-like stalks*

Meanwhile, it’ll be making you some new inter-dimensional friends to play with! Yay!

Edit: And here’s the fractal pattern.



So far its dropped a portal in town for me and I presume had somehting to do with the flaming eye I had to remove :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I was right about the inter-dimensional friends at least! Artifacts are a real mixed bag, and figuring out what they do can be a nightmare (or sudden death). I love them, but…


I kind of like it so far tbh, it gives great stat boosts while I’m carrying it and occasionally it makes my kukri talk to me. Madness and the odd lovecraftian horror seem a small price to pay for that and an interesting kill list. Speaking of which, the hell is a Gozu?

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Gozu is a white minotaur nether creature thing, probably a reference to a movie.


It’s a reference to the 2003 movie “Gozu”


Well it’s a dead minotaur movie reference thing now :stuck_out_tongue:


After countless Labs, libraries and book stores my survivor finally found the book for crafting a katana. Time for a test run…

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Once again Joshua trekked to the nearest town at night, to salvage solar panels from a derelict car he found… Only to get there and realize that he had forgotten the damned wrench - AGAIN!

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I got you beat there. I once went out with the late Duane Mixon, my LMOE winter start guy, to finish clearing out the last stragglers from a nearby school. It was like an hour’s walk, and when he got there he found it suicidally hard – all the zombies were way faster than him!
That’s when I noticed the big blue indicator telling me how cold he was. Back at the LMOE, right by the door where I always picked 'em up, were his pile of outdoor clothes. Here he was out in a freezing snowstorm barefoot, wearing an army jacket and a pair of cargo shorts!


Ive just started a random character in the newest version of Android CDDA, who was a “Next Summer” Scavenger, pretty fun when I created a Mega City with almost no zombies (I feel like experimental areas already add a lot of enemies with variety, and its too hard to find a perfect medium for zombie spawn)and tons of NPC’s. However, I decided to base in a room next to a merchant, in a secret area underneath a decrepit plot of housing. Only problem is that a triffilid grove spawned a couple blocks away, but already has vine beasts, and other fungal/plant troops invading and scouting the nearby areas.
Found a Hostile, but also non-aggressive vine beast i decided to try and murder with my MP5, almost murdered the thing, and decided to drop a gate to smash it to pieces, however, it took so long to try and drop the gate that the thing almost tore my torso apart, broke an arm, and severely damaged the other. Decided to finish scavenging a house when I ran into a NPC with no weapons trying to mug me, naturally decided to tell him to bug off, but he ended up smashing a window and crippling my other arm with a glass shard he picked up from the debris. Right now my character is pretty much content with staying in the merchant’s bunker and reading all the books he managed to scavenge from the nearby domiciles. Since the housing also had food, beverages, and surprisingly one in particular had must’ve been home to a gun nut because of all the rifles, handguns, shotguns, and ammo (both reloaded and default). Cannibal so I butchered the person I that broke my arm with a glass shard, and sold the “cooked creep” to the merchant…
Not sure on my plan of action, other than sit around and read books in the dudes bunker, and feeling pretty ambivalent towards the triffilid grove, as the vine beasts in particular are hostile, but pay no attention to me, and the other triffilid pawns are easy to kill with my abundance of 9mm for the MP5. Its great as the triffilids sorta keep off many other enemies from our areas too…

Log 2: Either the merchant is starting to like me, or he doesn’t mind me staying long term in his extra room, haven’t had too fight much, and am finding a lot food and books, so just sittng around in that room reading and crafting is pretty neet. Adding to my fear of the outside, I accidentally decided to talk to an NPC and tried to help him with killing a Jabberwock, thinking it would’ve spawned far away from my abode, (I decided to create a mega city, so there’s not many forest nearby) however, I forgot that there are forests 2 spaces away from my base, resulting in a Jabberwock roaming the housing and such near my base trying to murder NPC’s and various other entities…