What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Rob Keys had to savescum, because apparently vehicle turrets have decided to start shooting through the PC again. :unamused:


Boat hulls are under locations and are meant to conflict with anything else in the under location, such as wheels or sketchy blazemod storage locations.


I just died midway through a perfectly good run because my seatbelt decided to fail when I hit a regular bush. Thanks, cataclysm. Also apparently this bush was not only dense enough to stop a car going 20mph, but also enough to turn it sideways


Recently found out the refugee center can spawn more than once. The updates are nice, and hey, the bandits actually spawned in a cabin instead of inside the refugee center right behind me this time!
I also drove into a town to check out the new structures (rescued a doggie from the new animal pound and dropped him off at the refugee center) and drove past a Luxury RV, it was kinda neat to see the Sun Wave parked next to its baseline model after all this modification:

All them solar panels, man


My crowbar-weilding lab technician finally managed to break his way out to the surface, taking a battered suit of powered armour with him.


I’m using my motorcycle to look for a parking space for my deathmobile somewhere closer to the parts of town I haven’t looted yet.


I threw a Molotov at 2 hulks and a skeletal juggernaut trapped in a car. However, I forgot to light the rag.


find a tank in the middle of the road, Laser targeted, ignore…

and all of a sudden… “Beagle shoot its cannon, you got hit for 11284 damage”


brilliant place to set up camp


Wait, WHAT?


You found Jikus. Praise be to manual locomotion!!
“For all shall have their day with God to be judged and crafted as another link in the chain. Amen.”
Now let us hear a word from Brother Maynard on the importance of numbers


Made a longbow. 60 arrows. Waited outside a mall parking lot and dug a few lines of lit traps. Lured a bunch of stragglers away from the main horde. Zombies aint scary when they are flailing around in a pit trap. Like shooting fish in a barrel… heh zombies in a barrel.

Circled around looking for that pink meego bastard thing… crap iit sees me… its dodging my arrows. Time to run… CRAP! Its the zombie horde… hope this car still works!

Whew… escaped. I snuck back. The meego is fighting 30ish zombies… hmmm im gonna steal some more cars.


Sigh I killed puppies. Again


As I recall from my days of playing DF, puppy bones are good for making crossbow bolts.


While I was casually exploring the area with my npc martial artist friend Gattsu, I had to suddenly stop our RV because the road was blocked by a bunch of zombies and a Skeletal Juggernaut. I gleefully told my friend to stay in the car, took few Molotov cocktails and I went to face the danger. Unfortunately, I managed to land ONLY ONE cocktail, and it wasn’t enough. I drew my handgun from the ankle holster and shot it a couple of times. Alas, all bullets ricocheted off its bones! The monster was getting really close, so I had to resort to my last tactic - luring the beast and the horde behind it into the forest, while setting every tree, bush and twig on fire. After some time, I couldn’t see them anymore, but I kept going, just to be sure they all burned to their second death.

When I finally emerged out of the forest, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Next to our vehicle, Gattsu was fighting the Skeletal Juggernaut with her bare hands, and they were both near their death! I was absolutely shocked, but I knew I couldn’t waste any second, so I immediately started running as fast as possible! I couldn’t let her die! But I was too slow. As soon as the monster was in range of my pipe spear, it landed the final blow on Gattsu. I cried, ‘Noooo! Gattsu!’ and proceeded to violently batter the beast with my weapon, forgetting about the rules of shojutsu. The fight was close, but I was victorious.

After bandaging my wounds and defeating few stray zombies, I decided that Gattsu deserves a proper burial. I chopped down a pine tree and constructed a coffin. I dug a pit. I carefully placed Gattsu’s remains inside, sealed the coffin and lastly, I took a sip of whisky from my canteen. This was the moment when I realised that it’s not possible to put coffins into deep pits.


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He REALLY hates spiders.


I murdered a bunch of NPCs living in houses close to mine with two companions. Call me evil but dynamic NPCs are insane in the stable version. After that all my companions got murdered in the Great Walmart Expedition, in which we tried to reclaim Walmart/a random Megastore. It did not go well and they all died. I lived, mostly because I kept the k3wl sw0rdz.

After the disastrous expedition, which resulted in the entire half of the Walmart COLLAPSING (because zombies are stupid). Anyways, I traveled to find new friends. My quest for friends continues on. Because I don’t have any.


After finding a skeletal juggernaut wandering around outside my base I decided it was probably a bad idea to ignore it, I gave it few pokes with my kukri to see if I could actually damage it but had to lead it away when it turned out all the ninja skill in the world doesn’t let you chop up a walking bone tank. A sledge hammer on the other hand… well I now have a skeletal juggernaut on my kill count and my sledge hammer got reinforced and moved to my “situational weapons” pile.