What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Melee 9 Jabberwocks at once I’ll be impressed.

…Also happy Birthday!


Don’t think I’ll be impressing then.

Now I gotta go check things - isn’t my birthday yet.


Pfft…Jabberblah blah…go get me some 1/16th solder tips


I’ve been tooling around enjoying how hilariously broken the Survivor’s Flintlock Sniper is even without a scope. Accurate with a 30+ range, under 150 sound, fast reload and ammo is easy to make. My head canon is that it’s a Whitworth design with a hexagonal barrel and bullets.


Craig Bar, ursine mutant experiment, has been gathering vehicles: a couple of electric bikes, a motorcycle, a self-propelled howitzer, a security van, a road roller, an excavator, and a solar car. A couple of weeks ago he started a pork sticks and apple cider fueled effort to blend components from many of these vehicles into his new ride: the Ultimate AmphTrack! A security van with rollers up front, a i6 diesel engine, a slew of solar panels, a half-track tread arrangement, and the other 31 tiles covered in sheet metal to make a vehicle that can go anywhere and stop at nothing.

Sadly, the initial U-AT design has a draft of 0.71 meters, and a hull height of about 0.65 m, which means if Craig tries to drive it into a river, it will turn into a submarine. The irony, it burns.

Fortunately, Craig still has a fair amount of smoked meat, bottled water, and a ton of heavy duty frames. Extending the U-AT one more row should reduce the draft to make it float safely, even after he adds the 155mm howitzer and some cargo.


Ran into smokey, felt the need to prepare


Glad to see I am not the only one who uses vehicle pieces as defense. But seeing that makes me want to build large, entire structures, such as barracks, mess halls, etc. this way.

Now, saw a large city up north, time to clean it out and drag all the vehicles back home.


Thats the primary reason why I like using the military bunkers as bases. There is one variant that has an armory, barracks, kitchen, bathrooms, and even a 4 bed surgery ward with an autodoc. Everything is already built for you, so all you need to do is make some minor modifications or dig expansions as needed.

All I had to do for the underground portion was dig out a storage pantry/wine cellar for my alcohol, water drums, and other liquids, and a couple coops for chickens. I also replaced wooden doors with metal ones, and strategically placed hacked gun turrets.

I have also had home made “turrets” built out of a vehicle with a laser cannon, microreactor, robot controls, and a storage battery.


Heh, how lucky.


Thats exactly what I’m thinking, I’ve planned to make this have at least 3 more ‘rooms’ connected by airlocks covered in all the composite plating I can find as to create an open air garden in the middle with the original LMOE shelter as main supply/fallback location.
I’m going to add internal security systems and motorized doors that open to outside auto turrets(they’re ‘cross trained’ that way, haha) so if anything gets in or near I can control everything from that room I’ve finished and handle situations ‘off site’ via cameras, turrets, remote controlled mobile turrets, and preconstructed choke points


Heres my LMOE shelter in current form. I did cheat in a bum computer for scenery


The problem with creating a “structure” out of a vehicle is that if something happens and a section gets disconnected, say by a horde of zombies rampaging through it, a large explosion, etc, you now have two separate vehicles that can’t be reconnected. You would have to dismantle it and rebuild. Which is time consuming.

The problem with having separated sections is that if they don’t have their own power source, anything inside is unpowered, and since it is a separate vehicle, you can’t actually control that portion (lights, cameras, turrets, reactors, etc) from your normal place even if it does have power. Oh, and any fluids stored there will not be accessible for fuel, crafting, or drinking elsewhere, because they are technically now part of a separate vehicle.


Sounds like good motivation to protect your base, haha. Thats a dang good point, two vehicles next to eachother should give the option to connect/combine. Then you’d be able to actually build and use a tow truck! You could do a donut with a vehicle towed and have a vehicular morningstar until something went wrong physics wise


Steam powered tank tow cart. Use steam to slowly travel and disconnect the tank as needed to ‘clear’ obstacles pacify areas so as to save fuel


I read in another thread that eventually a king pin and a fifth wheel option may be in the works… I can not wait for that. Mobile Base of Destruction and Doom.


Oh…oh sweet baby Jesus taking a dirt nap. What have I done??? :scream::face_vomiting::dog2::dagger:
…Armok be praised


Just looking for greener pastures with my merry band of mutants


So it must be done



While Armok prefers the sacrifice of KITTENS, not puppies, he is pleased nonetheless.

Bonus points if you use the daschund meat to make hot dogs.