What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Well, we can migrate to my other thread.
It’s would you make an atmospheric game.


Spiders get a mutation that lets them feel no guilt for killing humans.


Hmm…I must be part spider then. Lol


Well spiders aren’t the only mutants to get that ability, so you could just as well be part wolf or bear :laughing:


Squid maybe? I think squid.


Nah, squids still feel sorry for the hairless apes every time one dies.


Hmmm good to know.

Guess it boils down to never haven gone down the mutagen path very far. I usually opt for cbms.


CBMs…couldn’t imagine playing without em lol


Sapiovore is the trait i do believe


I repaired a car and headed down the road on the left, and spent quite a long time there. Then, I found a shelter and used its mapping feature. It turns out that the road I didn’t take had both a merchant and a refugee center not far down the line. I feel cheated. At least I can jackhammer those places and take what I need.


Made it to day 7. I know that ain’t much but my last many runs have been horrible. And manafed to melee a brute. :slight_smile:


Spent the day looting storage garages. Found some good stuff. Now to sew some tentacle leggings together.


Sew me up some too. My tentacles are getting frostbite. -_-


Everyone has tentacles . . . Am I the only person with hooves?


No tentacles here. Haven’t gone down those paths…….


The path of the tentacle…it’s a long and wriggly path.


Well I stroll down the fish path for a bit often.


If I ever roleplay as Fluttershy, i’ll probably go down that path. Lol


Just smash a couch. should have most everything you need.


Speaking of smashing…time for more research!