What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Oh, didn’t know you were the type to eat your young, far better than eating your mate at least lol


Some species do both. Never know…


Sometimes all you can do is hope for the best. And hope you don’t smell appetizing.


well …damn it…now i have to play her/me. better listen to my Pump up vid


Aso for Tentacles Ecchi…seek out this chick.



Just be careful if your present is a bottle of BBQ sauce with a fake cologne label :wink:




Seen her, but she’s a bit too white and nerdy for my tastes. Doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl to have ever had an evil smirk.


There’s a whole other thread dedicated to songs that pump me up floating in the forums somewhere LOL. This one seems oddly appropriate for your character. I see those pics and they are kewl. Maybe you should make an animated short and post to youtube?


Well…some one NEEDS to make a damned FAN FILM…for Cata


Coulda sworn there were a few floating around the interwebs lol


I agree. A cannibalistic half spider and evil half squid… i smell blockbuster!


Our conversation is littering the F out of this thread lol


Shoulda seen the last one I was on lol


Ecchi…what Mutations do you gotz?


Reptilian. I hate negative mutations to be honest, but my recent ones are mainly reptilian.


He took the words outta my mouth on that one. LOL

NO WORRIES YOU CRAZAY CATAKIDS. I will now bow out to have one less litter er er.


cools my current “long term” is the DJ like i posted before. She chill. I would kill her if i met her in the Wasteland lol


Aww…take care Dae…miss miss