What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


That’s some fine scary folk tale material right there.


Really? I’m fine with it. Lol


Maybe i didnt go down the spider path far enough. Leaving webs involuntarily everywhere I went was annoying.

Was your character ever able to get over the guilt of killing npc’s or did you just use the psychotic trait?


Kinda reminds me of monster musume…minus the actually eating people lol or the spider chick from Undertale.


Oh im a loon in real life sweety. I took it day one.






I figured that was easier. I like just running em down in a car when they refuse to join the winning side, cheap but efficient.

Off subject, but gotta ask, do you like a band named Type O Negative?


Well, I see that you must not have winter enabled. Lol


Thats like the coolest goth band ever dude. Well…not ever but yes i like em


No…eternal spring.


I like Christian woman…lol


But do you like Christian Spider women?


I try not to judge based on religious preference…but a bit of corruption is always fun.


As for spider women, well being a squid…all I can think of is a mess of appendages.


I knew there was something in common. So I assume you are not a Cowan perchance?

Kewl drawing, reminds me of driders (i think they are called) so did you go as far down the spider branch as possible? I may need to start another character and see for myself then.


sounds like a cool mess


Yeah…but the poor children…


Children taste the best.


THAT is a hell of a mental picture :smile: