What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


This is Hannah. Shes a DJ who has a Radio station up and working… Finally. She has this message for all the survivors out there. Keep strong and dont give up. Even that tiny pocket knife can win the day


Has pocket knife…gets mauled by moose.


You had a pocket knife…but you had no ROCK AND ROLL.


Ahh yes… Moose are scared of loud noises.


High powered rifles also work.


My favorite thing is when I’m being chased by zombies, leading them to a pack of wolves and then being chased by zombies and wolves. Never knew they were so chummy.


Oh yeah man. They go way back. :wink:


Coulda sworn I seen them fist bump each other as I was being disemboweled.


Teddy Foxtrot was just gonna help this guy out. His mom all zombified and whatnot. Seems the guy couldnt do it himself and, seeing the house was on the edge of town, he figured why not? He made it all the way there, no problem. He proceeded to pry open a back window with his makeshift crowbar. Seeing that he didnt have a gun yet, he would just make do with what was in hand. Noise from the next room had to be his target. He opened the door and there she was, poor soul. He proceeded to put her out of her misery when mr zombified flesh hulk mass of fuck you busted through the window and proceeded to show Teddy that no good deed would go unpunished.

Poor Teddy. His heart was in the right place until that hulk removed it for him.


I always seem to end up finding a dairy farm with my various characters. My latest char found one but had to sneak his way across town in the dead of night with his travel partner to get to it.

Without any real scavenging as they passed through town, the two arrived and secured the dairy farm in short order. Doing an inventory of their gear as they seperated it all out at their new home, they counted packets of tobacco and cabbage seeds among their supplies. Couple this with a jug of vinegar they found in the kitchen there and the two are now looking forward to next summer, when they’ll be living comfortable on a supply of milk, sauerkraut and cigars.


I encountered a zombie hulk at night. Luckily, I was searching through a landfill at the time, so I used the trash piles to slow it down, and killed it with 14 or so bodkin arrows.


Well done. Saved by Trash. Only in Cataclysm. :blush:


Trash, or the occasional pack of wild raccoons. All is possible LOL


Middle of winter/ stuck between trying to delve into the depths of a lab or wander around aimlessly. Still don’t feel prepared.


Im not sure ANYONE is ever prepared. for example…i hid in an apc today. New Character. Hey look…a 40 mil GL i fired it manually at the horde near by. I had 0 launcher skill. it exploded one tile away. Both the APC and I went poof.


Lol yeah. Generally I don’t know what I should bring besides an uber power armor set up. Plus my medical skill is awefully low…and I really don’t like sentry turrets.


Do you frequently make new characters or do you have one you go back to?


Go back to? like re make?


Do you have a primary save file and make extra characters for fun?


I dont really know how to look into save files. my oldest character is based on me…shes a spider mutant. take my profile pic and make me a spider from the waist down. 467 days last i counted. she just lives in her cave. NPC spawn rate is 100% i just eat NPC survivors and go back to my cave and listen to music. Closest thing to beating the game.