What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Hacked a chicken walker. It is now authorized to be loyal as a puppy.

Disable hacked bots

I was just about to give up my current run when finally I found a wrench. Seriously it has been about four or five runs that I haven’t been able to acquire or craft one. And to top it off I found a real katana!


Just Started a new game after tinkering with WINE.

What is up with this wander spawn?

Guess that is getting turned back off


Oh my… /George Takei


How do you even get that many zombies!?!?!


must be a bug.
I turned wander spawns on.
Played for a bit doing normal start stuff
noticed lack of wooden box for cart
moved to the bridge for town but got intercepted by a greck and Z scientist who sent a manhack after me.
Warmed back up in the bunker and looked at map to see that.

Doug Oden, brave static NPC that he is, shall be remembered fondly for the next 5 minutes as he lays waste to the first wave with his remmington… 570? ah whatever. So nice of him to tell me to get out of the way as he covers my retreat to the north


Imagine if this was some sort of event
A zombie horde approaches from the south
It’d be both awesome and horrifying at the same time


Maybe a wander NPC started a fight with the city.
And now they have the wandering munchies… and my scent.
May my terror filled flight be enjoyable :slight_smile:


I’ve had that kind of mass ‘Z’ field show up before. It generally means something in your reality bubble made a very loud noise, and a bunch of nearby zombies were drawn up into hordes in response.
It can be nasty, but entertaining. On the plus side, if you head off east or west, they’ll miss you and you can move around into the south side of that town in a few hours and the loot should be sparsely defended.


Meh, ran NW looking for new shelter nearish town (now with wander spawns off) and had the local wildlife drag a Mi-Go right to me as I tried to skirt as close to the river as possible to avoid it.

1/10 would have rather just fought the wild dogs to the NE


FML I hate narcolepsy


Hopefully you didn’t spend a long time on that Deathmobile…


I installed Draco’s dog mod and regretted it. The dogs at my base have been breeding to high hell, growing exponentially without end, their rotted poop attracting hordes of cockroaches. Im on day 50 and I can barely drive my 4 wide car through the masses of dogs without running any over, so I decided to start an extermination campaign. I straight up couldn’t kill the dogs fast enough to fully remove them and the roaches, and at this point my game was chugging slightly from the huge amount of dog feces and enemies, at which point I decided that I couldn’t be bothered to continue slaughtering dogs and cockroaches, despite the prospect of infinite meat, and I used the console to eliminate them before that took over the map and crashed my game. Also if I was eventually able to remove all of the visible dogs and dung I wouldn’t of been able to clear out the forests next to my base, so this was quite literally the only real path that I could’ve taken.

TL:DR, don’t install Draco’s dog mod if you want a base that isn’t over run by dogs and roaches.

Edit: I’m pretty sure that this is actually the Cataclysm++ mod doing this, sorry!


imagine one day you hanging out in refugee camp and getting quest on the old guard to kill some danbits and somehow the house is destroyed like being bombed or something but only 1 bandits alive…

also, what are those 4x4 square that randomly appears near main road or building that destroy everything above it?


You mean empty 4x4 squares where there’s no grass or ceiling above them? Because in that case it’s mini craters that have radiation in them. They’re not very harmful unless you decide to take a nap in one. If you use a geiger counter on them and get no feedback, then I have no clue what they are.


Failed to cauterize two wounds and had no antibiotics to cure the infection. And then I realized that I had a bottle of hydrogen peroxide……. D’oh!


“Manhacks… were a mistake.”

These were the last words of “Kickass” McGee, a Zui Quan carpenter who was born so I could try the new semi-nerfed Zui Quan and look over defense mode again. He boarded up the windows on the bar and survived until wave 10 (nowhere near my personal record) when he was hurt by fighting a shocker and decided to unleash his 10 manhacks on the incoming swarm of zombies that followed – only to have most of the hacks start slicing him up instead.
The new bar makes for an interesting defense setup, though.


i made jimmy newtron into a crackhead who smites any unintelligent brainlits in his way this game is my new fav game of the year hands down.


no like random squares where roads become rebar and stones, no grass or anything on it and in minimap it shows as “brown square” …

it appears randomly around the map, but when it appears on road or building, it destroys the road/building itself. no artifact, no radiation. not even earthworm monster.


Begin preparing for your trade network by stockpiling cat meat. Make Armok proud :stuck_out_tongue:
Or slaves, you can never have too many slaves