What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


And if a snake crawls into a bear trap it says something along the line of “the beartrap clamps the giant rattlesnake’s foot”. So they have not only knees but feet too :wink:


I thought a knee strike was making a strike with your own knee?


well damn… this cataclysm really add something…

no wonder they can move really fast.


true, or both? i don’t know but…

“i used to be snake surviving the cataclysm, but then i took a strike in the knee…”


Today my spider mutant managed to raid a PK triffid grove with only a light survivor mask and a machete. His legs were almost melted by the acid but he managed to make it out in one piece. The funniest part is I’m sure I would have died if I would’ve charged in there wearing actual armor (like all of his preceders did).


good raids there… i love that feeling when successfully massacre the whole triffid with just one strike to the triffid heart itself.

but what is the price of defeating triffid grove? all i got was wild veggies and foraging.


Your right, normally there isn’t a very good reason to raid triffid groves but I happened to have two reasons to do so:

  1. I play with ascension on and that means I need to kill a triffid heart in order to ascend.

  2. This particular triffid grove was too close to my otherwise perfectly positioned base and I wanted to get rid of the annoying walking plants. We all know that nothing is worse then waking up in the middle of the night because a triffid queen walked by and collapsed half of your base on your head.


hell… i thought you play on ordinary cata, and to think a triffid can ground a fortified base easily… yeah that’s true.


Killing hostile xenos is its own reward.



How? Why? What kind of person are you to have so many land mines just sitting around? Did you DEBUG them in or something? I don’t see why you would have spent the time to get that many all at once.
And why would you just keep them in a locker rather than using them so that you could see the glorious explosions?

That suddenly reminded me of the time when I cheated in a mini nuke out of curiousity. Thank goodness that was a test character…


Well about a hundred of them I salvaged them from a national guard depot, while also salvaging barbed wire and pointy sticks for my base perimeter defenses. The others I’ve just kind of picked up when I came across them. My trapping is high enough that I can disarm them safely.

I figured I would either build a minefield or disassemble them for gunpowder to make explosives, bullets, etc. I’ve still got shitloads of barbed wire and pointy sticks left too. I salvaged almost a whole side of a nat guard base worth of fencing.

Plus, I kind of hoard everything that might be useful for something one day. Ex: 2524 lbs of ammunition, 2000L clean water, 1200+L gasoline, 950L diesel, inumerable pieces of equipment, etc. This character has survived almost 2 years, so he has had a lot of time to hoard.


Personally, I consider myself to be a looter, not a hoarder. Although some may argue that that is the exact same thing…


Well, at this point I’m just taking stuff because I CAN. Also to outfit my future NPC army, trade, use for quests, etc.

As for looting vs hoarding, once you have enough stuff to fill up multiple cargo dimensions, you aren’t just looting anymore and it gets upgraded to hoarding. Just my inactive robots can fill up a cargo dimension on their own.


Somehow lost my NPC buddy when I went down into a basement. :frowning: Goodbye meatshield.


Hey bro…what mod is needed to get cargo dimension?im already use all default mods from the launcher…did i miss something?thank you


That is blazemod I believe. It is one of the mods that comes with the game. The item itself is called Stabilized Portal.


Just drinking copious amounts of beast, chimera, alpha mutagen/serums


Found a hidden ladder in a gas station shed. Curiouser and curiouser.

Well, what have we here. A hidden bunker disguised as a gas station.

Jesus christ, this place had a LOT of power armored zombies, at least 10. Not to mention shitloads of irradiated wanderers. Pretty decent loot though.


just played with Cataclysm++ and do some random exploration…

found a whole city infested with fungus… and im killed by the spore dust… somehow…


Freakin creatures teleportin in and instantly destroying pieces of my car