What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


I suspected it was going to be something along the lines of the carrier being removed with the ant queen still inside and it turning into an item. I didn’t expect the queen to be cloned. I’ll just shoot the clone and keep the one in the carrier. I think my biggest concern is keeping NPCs or wandering robots/animals from finding and murdering (or being murdered by) my captured ant queens. I’ll have to build some sort of ant-coop/vault to keep them contained.

How many eggs do these things put out? Do you think four or six queens would be sufficient for a large NPC population?

Also, do the eggs have to be in line of sight of the queen to hatch, or is it a radius? I don’t want them hatching in my pantry. And it might be possible to rig a controlled ant breeding pen, where I put eggs, then later walk in and shoot the full grown ants for butchering.


Thees things lay so many eggs that you will completely forget about hunger the moment you get one in your base. Seriously, one ant queen could probably keep all of the survivors in new England fed and there would still be eggs left over.

Eggs seem to hatch anywhere in a two tile radius of the queen. Line of site doesn’t seem to have any effect on the queen’s ability to hatch eggs.


Well, I’m going to have upwards of 100 followers once I manage to get all of them back to base, so I’m going to have a lot of folks to feed.


stockpiling mutagen till it fully filled your storage…


i don’t know how much you have ascended after drinking all that mutagen.


100 followers is no joke. But consider that ant queens lay one egg every turn and each egg can be turned into egg powder and then scrambled eggs or eaten raw for 1727 kcal a piece. I highly doubt anyone would starve with an ant queen in their yard, even with 100 followers.


Good to know. I am attempting to singlehandedly rebuild civilization, so I’m going to need a reliable food supply. Once faction camps get fixed to be placeable anywhere I plan to dig out an enormous undergound NPC city, and stuff it with every single NPC I come across that I can convince to join me. May have to make it multiple z-levels if lag becomes an issue.


i was thinking, how does this “blob” thing infect and turn people into zombies…

i found this gif to be some answer…


I killed a tentacle thing at the bottom of a mine. Why are smgs so good??


I killed a zombie brute to death after fumbling with confusing magazine functions with a shnazxy gun and a character named Robard Ignatious Peterson who started as a Bionic Sniper.
There is nothing foreboding about his name. Nothing at all.


I locked a zombie hulk into a two tile tool shed for giggles and I’m pretty sure he can’t bust out as the walls are metal as is the door


These creatures are nice.



So, I’ve got 181 landmines sitting in my explosives locker, and I’m considering using them to build a minefield around my base. Has anybody played around with them, is there any particular pattern that works well? Do they need to be spaced a certain distance apart to prevent sympathetic detonations?


Although I don’t use mines that often; it seems that a Simple Checkered pattern seems to work for me when I tried it. Something among the lines of this:


The landmines are the 'X’s and the boxes are tiles.

I’d go into greater detail but I just noticed how late (Or rather “Early” at this point) and need to get some sleep.


How much trapping skill do you need to safely / reliably pilfer mines from minefields?


You need at least trapping 8 to be 100% sure that the landmine won’t explode in your face.


Thats kind of what I was thinking, I was just worried about them blowing each other up.


Finally beginning construction on the reinforced concrete curtain wall for Fort Kickass. Its going to take a while. Haven’t installed the minefield yet because I’m wondering if the shrapnel will damage the turrets.


Huh interesting find.


i don’t know if its a bug or mistake… but if you use certain fighting style you can deliver knee strike to a snake…

snake have knees yeah?