What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Jonesing for a hit of mutagen eh? I’ve been stockpiling it myself, I mostly just use the ones which are ingredients for alpha serum, but I’m saving others for making Elf-A as well. I’m planning to give my followers some upgrades.


I drink Atomic coffee regularly. Its just as good as sleep, but it irradiates you a bit. I don’t think you can make cold rooms yet. You CAN dig basements, there is a construction option. But you can’t refrigerate them or anything.


Didnt cause addiction right? Because i have coffeemaker at home but never use it


No, I don’t think you can get addicted.


And the last question…what gun use 700. Nitro express?


Pretty sure that if you use the wooden wall dirt floor technique you can get a root cellar fairly cold


Huh found a random crate on the side of the road…

cool stuff


What tileset do you use?



Look around, those usually come in pairs. Its an air drop.


Whete should i place it?


That’ll be the “Elephant Gun”. IIRC, it’s INCREDIBLY rare.


Ouwh…i have lot of nitros…btw do you know where i should place the tilesett folder?


It goes in the mods folder.


Thank you very much:)


Sorry for the late reply but as they say “better late than never”.

My recent research suggests roughly a 5% chance to spawn predators/vermin from completely rotten poop (i.e. when it gets so rotten it despawns from the map).

To test this I debugged 10000 units of bird litter in one tile and waited long enough for it to completely rot. Nothing spawned. I then spawned 120 units of bird litter and put one unit on each empty space of a barn. After it all rotted 6 coyotes “crawled out of the bird litter”. My conclusion is that to attract predators it is better to spread the poop on a large surface than keep it all in one big pile.

Unfortunately it seems we won’t be able to ever make a “poop singularity”. In fact, farming meat using the carrion spawn mechanics seams to require to much effort for the payoff. If we really want infinite food and are willing to put some effort it would be much more effective to just capture an ant queen on a bear trap and get an unlimited supply of highly nutritious ant eggs.


Wait, don’t ant queens spawn ants around them? Or do they just lay eggs which hatch? I’ve never left them alive long enough to tell.

If it won’t cause ants to spawn inside my base, I could do it tonight. I’ve got a suit of power armor laying around, so they wouldn’t be able to hurt me, and 23k bionic power. It would be relatively simple to kidnap and enslave an ant queen.


Ant queens lay eggs constantly and have an ability to make nearby eggs hatch. If you catch one on a bear trap it will continue to lay eggs and can still hatch nearby eggs but it won’t be able to hatch the eggs on the same tile as it is. If killing a few ants isn’t a problem for you getting unlimited ant eggs is just a matter of getting the queen on a bear trap.

One rather large inconvenience in using the above method is that most survivors would want their ant egg farm in their backyard which is extremely hard to achieve since transporting ant queens is complicated and moving them between Z-levels is practically impossible (unless you abuse a bug with livestock carriers).

Also as a warning to anybody who plays with PK’s rebalancing, you should never attempt to catch an ant queen since PK makes them spit fire at you.


No, I don’t use PK, I heard it was for masochists. And I’m a dwarf fortress player, abusing bugs or game mechanics for profit is practically standard procedure. So what is this “livestock carrier bug” you speak of?


If you remove a livestock carrier with a creature inside it (in our case an ant queen), the game spawns the ant queen nearby and a “livestock carrier with an ant queen” item effectively cloning the queen. You can then pick up the livestock carrier with the queen still inside and move up or down Z-levels and whenever you need to release the ant queen simply stick the livestock carrier on a wooden frame near your destination and let it out the way you normally would.

Just don’t forget to put bear traps around the wooden frame before you let the ant queen free so that she won’t fill your base with ants.