What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Huh. Never seen that before. Kill him and dissect the body for CBMs, maybe he has the quantum tunneling one.


Very much doubt it as he and his buddy… there was a second one… are not bionical buuuuutt I would not say no to their tasty meat bits




Jesus christ how much mutagen have you been shooting up to get addicted? Lets see those mutations.


Did the chicken egg turn into chicken or just egg?


Uhhhhh I have uhhh both addictive personality annnd I drank like 30?..liters of mutagens/purifiers


Liters or units? each unit is 250 ml I think. I may be wrong though, whatever the volume of a flask is.


Liters… I found A LOT in this prison annnd on to the next one across the road mwahahahahaha


what the hell did you turn yourself into?


Can i catch turkey with my chicken cage? Or maybe i can catch a bee Queen?


You can catch a turkey, but its easier to tame them with bird feed so they will let you put them into the pet carrier. There is no queen bee.



I took a couple hits of alpha and now I’m basically captain america. If he was like half cyborg.


Well i though there is bee queen xD…and about robots i just managed to hack the chicken walker and want to activate it…my question…did it just running away or i can set it to just standing on front door?


Look at that tors encumbrance lol…


You cannot set robots to guard currently. I’d turn it off and store it somewhere.

Yeah I’ve got a couple duffel bags strapped to me right now, I’m hauling stuff. And my RM-13 combat armor is not turned on.


I’m sad the next prison didn’t have a secret lab underneath no liters of mutagen for me


What drink you use for stimulant? And how you make a cellar and cold basement?


I heard sarchopagus waste have some mutagen