What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Just got home from a night raid to meet a zombie hulk at my door…


last word from the hulk was “Ayy Neighbor…” before going rampant…

muscle-swelled deadbois.


The JSON files imply that bird poo spawn Foxes (most likely), Coyotes (rarer) or Cougars (rarest).

Now this is an interesting question that I don’t have an answer for. Perhaps somebody would be willing to test it out for science?


Can they spawn underground or in buildings? That should be turned off.

Just in case they aren’t I’ve placed a 9mm turret in my underground chicken coop. All other tiles are occupied by chickens except for one directly in front of the turret and perpendicular to the chickens. Hopefully this arrangement will force the game to spawn any predators in the killbox in front of the turret, and prevent any casualties from being nommed or friendly fire.


Since the predators spawn from the poop just like the roachs (whenever “you see something crawl out of the bird litter”?) I’m pretty sure they will spawn anywhere that has rotting poo including in buildings and underground. That could probably be abused to farm infinite meat by dumping chicken droppings in a closed barn but its not like food is a problem in the cataclysm anyway.

Let us know your setup goes after a while. I’m quite interested to see the result.


Also, I have now installed a door to the chicken coop, so any cougars that pop up can’t rampage through my base.

As a long time Dwarf Fortress player I have zero qualms about abusing game mechanics for my own purposes, even if its just for its own sake. Your infinite meat generator is now on my drawing board. I’m thinking about trying to build it in a frozen lab I recently secured in order to prevent decay.

Infinite meat generator design questions:
How much poop does it take to start spawning predators or vermin?
Is spawn rate proportional to how much poop there is?
How much poop until you hit “poop singularity” and predators spawn every turn there is a space available? (Note: the answer “a shitload” is not sufficient, I need a number)
How many chickens are needed to account for the poop decay rate in order to maintain the “poop singularity”?


Finally got around to defoliating the area around my base and fields, so an out of control fire won’t ravage them, and began construction on my fortifications and future moat (once those get added, I want to fill them with either acid or seweranha, I haven’t decided yet). The moat will be 2 tiles thick, followed by a barbed wire fence, turrets, and a reinforce concrete curtain wall. I’ve got like 45 more 9mm turrets sitting in a closet, so eventually there are going to be LOTS of turrets, especially if I figure out how to make pillboxes. Going to burn down the forest around my base to allow for clear lines of sight and targeting once winter comes and it isn’t raining every five minutes.

Chickens have shit quite a lot, but apparently the pile has not reached critical mass, as I have not yet seen anything spawn and get gunned down by the turret.


wow absolutely awesome, and surprisingly its looks like fortress though, really awesome.

i never seen possibilities of making house like that… how did you do it?
my whole gameplay is about adventuring and looting, sometimes shooting bandits and zombies.


This is a military bunker I found and moved into. All the rooms were already here here except the chicken coop and the room with the barrels, I carved them out with a jackhammer. I picked this place because it had an autodoc and lots of storage.


ooh groovy, improvised home.

seriously the underground part feels like fortress, but the outside is like maintained farm. now this i approve to be good place to take some breath after being chased by swarm of deadbois.


Well I’m planning to eventually turn the surface into fortress. Airlock style pallisade gates, concrete walls, razor wire, pillboxes, etc. And maybe a minefield, I’ve got a bunch of those sitting in storage.


then make it happen… who knows one day you’re tending your farm for some good bucks then suddenly some redneck bandits claim your land.

“bullets always be the best answer in this apocalypse…”


Its a work in progress, getting the sand, barbed wire, and rebar takes a while, but I’m making good progress. I have to salvage barbed wire, pointed sticks, and mines from the perimeter fence of a national guard depot, sand from sandbags and other places, and rebar from collapsed buildings.

Eventually I’m planning to dig out living quarters and other rooms for NPCs once faction camps get updated. I’m going to turn this cozy little bunker into an underground city. The last bastion of civilization.


just don’t sneak a bitten, dying guy there. don’t want to repeat that accident at refugee camp.

i can sense a borderlands-esque underground city there.


It’s really easy to get rear from digging up toads, so just find a dead end road and trim it back for loads of rebar.


I was thinking more along the lines of Fallout. Well, you cant really see it, but the hall is full of heavily armed guards and turrets. I’ve got 45 9mm turrets alone sitting in storage, along with an army of military robots. A zombie would last a total of five seconds before it got riddled with bullets. And all the guards have bionics too.


Yeah thats what I’m planning to do with the excess road in front of my base. But I’m going to need A LOT.


damn, Fallout 76 intensify.

is there gonna be online play implemented?


Almost certainly not.


My question is… How did he even get in here?