What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


I don’t know if I’ve posted about it, but I once killed a tank drone on foot. I was at a police barricade, on foot, and had left heavy weapons behind, when a laser target suddenly popped up to the north of me. These were dire straits.
I kicked on run mode, downed some kind of stimulant, and ran to get the police cars inbetween me and the drone. It kept on coming, blasting one car open, but I dodged it long enough to get the second car inbetween me and the drone. It got up near the car and fired again, and the car exploded, killing the drone in the process.

I praised RNGesus.


So…the tank committed suicide. I don’t think you get to count that as a kill.


Does the FoodCo “cooking station” not cook anything anymore?


A long time ago, back before running was implemented, I once saw a tank drone fighting a horde. It was at ||| by the time I found it so that must have been going on for quite a while. I’m pretty sure it saw me, but apparently the horde had higher priority because it was right next to the drone, so I had time to break the line of sight by hiding on the other side of a house before it could reduce me to ashes. I stayed there for quite a while, peeking out and watching as the horde kept reviving, doing paltry amounts of damage, dying, reviving, rinse, repeat. Eventually the tank drone was at :, so I waited until the horde was all dead, ran the opposite way to my car, grabbed a katana, went back and let it see me, then ran inside the house and waited beyond a wall that broke line of sight with the door. I waited there as the sounds it made came closer and when I thought it was inside the house stepped out right next to it and dealt the final blow with the katana. I think it only did like 47 damage but that didn’t matter because the horde had done the rest of the work.

I know I didn’t actually kill the drone since the zeds did the lion’s share of the damage, but that’s still the coolest thing I’ve ever done on Cataclysm. That’s also when I found out that Tank Drones take 8 hours to dismantle and when I found out how difficult it is to do something for 8 hours uninterrupted.


Upon further analysis it in fact does not, though I hadn’t used one in months so it came as a surprise.


Found a lab infested with ants, due to being intersected by one of their tunnels. Purged the ant nest with a laser rifle and 20k worth of bionic UPS (on single shot), 3 frag grenades, and finally my RM-13 combat armored fists. The queen chamber had not one, but TWO queens. I didn’t know that could happen. Fragged the first queen and a bunch of the guards (ran out of bionic power right when I entered the room), and was forced to beat the second queen and then the remaining ants to death with my armored fists. I have to say, it was hilarious watching ants explode from using krav maga grab/throws on them.


Hush, you! I totally did that on purpose, so it counts, man.



Day 8 of Spring and no skills above 4 big I think this guy is gonna make it. It would be nice to find a skill book for mechanics though…


Pro Tip: Don’t install a road roller onto the same tile that has the other roller drums on it as it deletes them >.<


i decided to do some debug test to see what went wrong when you have level 200+ traits and using Mininuke launcher for kiliing chicken walker.

result : im dead.
even though im truly far away from the walker, using mininuke and aim at the walker and fire using precise aim, the game confused with the 200+ traits level, causing the mininuke to launch only 3 tiles in front of me.

and hell… the damage is absolutely insane. 20k damage to torso. which makes me think that the damage system in the game is not capped at all.


Did you have debugged strength? I’m not sure, but I feel like the game will deliberately try to give you fatal damage if you end up in the epicenter of a big explosion, like the tank drone’s or worse. Once, my strength was so high that the game pretty much crashed when I got hit.


Well this is my first time doing something like this
I was playing as a police Detective and I have the quest of Killing someone’s Zombie mom It was a bit of a travel to get there I am playing with all the extra Building and experimental Z level mod so the house had a stair going up so I thought I could go and lot i min check that too so I found nothing really interesting and that I found ladder leading up to the roof I was thinking why not when I get up on the roof Where I found a Zombie Hulk Who picked me up and throw Me Down the roof I Broke both my legs and my arms and couldn’t move because of all the pain den group of Zombies wondered to me but then random npc comes Out From Nowhere with a machete and Start of hacking away at the Zombies and slaughtered all of them and then I said you should I travel with me ar something adhesive why Because you can Keep me Safe 18% Chance of Success and he’s like sure I am with you so with my new friend Kyong Gunn I have to travel back to a refugee Center we’re all my extra food and medical supplies where located it took like for days to travel there because of my Movement Speed and the fact that I didn’t dare Traveling in the darkness because then it will be hard for my “New Best Friend” to come and Rescue me and which I did a LOT When we finally reached the refugee center I was able to splint my broken limbs and I stayed in the center for ten days until I was healed thank for my fast healing threat and my Machete Wielding npc Kyong Gunn That is why This is one of my favourite games of all time


I am sorry for for the spelling errors I am using a speech to text program because I am so bad at spelling in English


nope, strength at 20 (using my all-maxed character) only traits were in 200+ level.

the highest fatal damage i ever experienced was activating a mininuke with a wrong timer, instead of 100 i put 10 on the timer and it exploded. 1 million damage (1.728.098 point of damage exactly) at my torso, but left my other limb at 123-134 hp.


I wonder if its possible to survive a mininuke if you use both power armor and the active defense cbm, and if so how much bionic power it would take to survive the blast.


hmm :thinking: with that damage… i can’t say its impossible since the game has its own way.

but according to my thought, maybe 1% chance to survive is possible, maybe higher if you lucky.


This is why I like the storm bolter


I dunno that kinda damage seems over the top for something that easy to get. That’s why I don’t usually use the blazemod weapons myself.


never seen that place before, what is that and where’s that?