What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


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When does a Sanitron turn into a broken Chickenwalker?


wut? how tho?

how does one lose its panties by a grenade?




Futurama edition :smile:

are chicken walker that dangerous? i encounter one but managed to escape.


Yes. Very. To the unprepared or under equipped. Not as bad as a tank bot, but I would not want to run into one in a dark alley. At least not without a control laptop.


With control laptop:


ooh i made a right choice then…

the name itself reminds me of this from other game.


What game is that from, I don’t recognize it.

My preferred tactic (if I couldn’t hack it and add it to my robot army) would be to use vehicle mounted weapons, or run the damn thing over with a truck or something.

If you are forced to engage it on foot explosives or high caliber weapons work pretty well. A Barrett .50, LAW rocket, or EMP grenades would be my choice to engage one on foot, preferably in conjunction with the Cloaking CBM or a hologram cloak.

Just be careful, and take it down like you would an AT-ST from Star Wars, or ED-209 from RoboCop, and you should be fine.


good tips, noted…

its a MOA, from a game WARFRAME, and speaking about tactic, that MOA in the game is actually a robot that walks like chicken and can shoot laser.

there’s also a variant where when you killed it, it become disabled and can be hacked, thus become ally and start killing enemies until it died.
a good coincidence, but i believe Cataclysm one is the more dangerous one.


Funny thing is in all my playing I have never actually seen a live chicken walker but I have seen tankbots…bastards


I’ve only seen one chicken walker. It was busy fighting some mutant bugs so I promptly blew it up with a LAW rocket.

Seen a couple of tankbots, but only actually killed one, and it was a very brief but tense fight. It came crashing through the wall of the back room of a gun store I was looting, like the Kool-Aid man (scaring the shit out of me, I had no idea one was around). I was lucky enough to be just around the corner in the front area and had a hologram cloak on me. Took it out at point blank range with the Directional EMP CBM after it was distracted by the holographic decoy.


Holographic decoy?? Man shit like that exist in the lore? Damn


I THINK it is from the base game, though I am using the Bright Nights mod so it could also be from that.

I’ve only found poorly fitting Hologram Cloaks and you can’t repair them. They run on plutonium cells.


How to deal with a chicken walker:

Method A:

  1. Find a working security van or other heavy vehicle
  2. (optional) load with explosives.
  3. Point in direction of walker. Making sure your not too close.
  4. Set cruise control to max speed
  5. Exit vehicle… Preferably before it gets up to speed… or within range of the walker
  6. Profit

Method B:

  1. Shoot it with the 120mm cannon on your survivor-mobile.
  2. Repeat step 1 until chicken walker breaks
  3. Profit

Method C:

  1. (First time only) open keybindings and bind the 90th action listed to something. (I use: ` )
  2. Press whatever key you bound it to.
  3. Press: i
  4. Profit


If it takes more than one shot from the 120mm tank gun, something is wrong. Unless they got buffed since the last one I saw, which was admittedly a while ago. 120MM HEAT does like 4000 damage last time I looked.


It’s completely possible for It to survive for two simple reasons:

  1. Sheilds… Meat or otherwise
  2. RNG


I think tank rounds overpenetrate though. I tested one out on a bee hive when I first got my tank, and I remember it hitting a tree and keep right on going…through another tree. And then it hit the hive. Apis didn’t know what hit her.


I know from experience that you can’t shoot through an APC.


That might be a bit excessive yes.

Let me guess, you tried to hit something on the other side, the round did not go through, and the explosion damaged your deathmobile?


I debugged in a bunch of vehicles for some reason… I forget why probably looking something up and not bothering to exit the game… but I wanted to destroy them so I could continue my game “without having debug vehicles.”

So, I spawned a super-bike, a 120mm Auto loading cannon and a bunch of ammo… was a lot less effective then I was expecting.