What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Had that happen to me but with an open door and a grabber


Through careful use of my vehicle as a hiding place, and the artificial night generator CBM, I was able to hack 50 of those Wraitheon murderbots at a national guard base using a control laptop. Most are the infantry version, but I got a combat engineer and a couple of the construction model. Couldn’t get any of the one with the rocket launcher or whatever it is though, I saw one but did not manage to take it alive. Shown below deactivated and in storage courtesy of Shard’s off button mod.

Any ideas what I should use my new robot army for once I fix them up?


Program them to be a chorus line. With precise choreography and perfect synchronization, any show tunes your char breaks out into will be that much more spectacular.


I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about wraitheon bots recently, and from what I read from you, they are part of the national guard camp.

Does this mean more people are playing with this mod, and if it does, then does that mean the mod isn’t as game breaking as I thought it was?


I don’t know about game breaking. Its hard as hell to survive there on foot without power armor or heavy cybernetics. These damn robots are murderously accurate, have long sight ranges, and are armed with SCAR-L and -H’s on full auto. There is not a lot there you can’t get elsewhere at the moment either, so its only really good for a challenge, hacking a robot army, and military vehicle parts. Oh, and its a good place to scavenge barbed wire, and landmines too if you have a high trapping skill and balls enough to try and disarm them.

As for if other people use it, no idea. Its a mod packaged with the game, so if I had to guess its used pretty often.


When I was raiding a Lab, I found…this


Scary things but oh so full of delicious meat.


I would highly recommend killing the giant mole rat as soon as possible, and if you hear crashing elsewhere, go see if there are more. Those things are dangerous, but the bigger threat is that they will damage one of the containment chambers that are in labs; and if that chamber has a SHOGGOTH in it, you are in for a world of hurt. ESPECIALLY if you don’t immediately kill it. Shoggoths will eat any item or debris on the tile they are on top of, and when they do it increases their health, even past their normal maximum. If they eat enough, they will split into two shoggoths.

This can get out of hand pretty quickly, as @Maverick demonstrated a couple months back.


Adding a macro maker/ support into the game is actually a really good idea… code wise it’s not very difficult especially since CDDA is effectively turn based so you don’t need worry about timing.

I have a gaming laptop (needed graphics card for SIMD heavy stuff) and it has a few macro keys that I rarely use do to the pain of setting them up but, I have used them for CDDA in the past…

I once had a base that used a 1x10 vehicle for a gate. I set up the macros so when I stopped in front of the “gate” and, pressed the button, the survivor would get out of the “car,” move the “gate” out of the way, drive the “car” into my base, close the “gate.” Had another one for leaving and, an extended version that would also unload the "car I was using at the time. Could not imagine doing that without the macro, too much of a hassle.

Macros in cdda? Recording inputs

I’ve been scouting my mansion and burning heaps and heaps of roach dirt and eggs. It’s a deeply unpleasant experience but my pyromaniac rioter seems to actually be having loads of fun.


Seems like a good use for the remote control CBM to me.


just recently im doing some test play with my own mod and see the result of my item mod…
it somehow bugged and damage my head from 100 to 0 in single shot…

10/10 suicide glitch…


The maniacally depressed mod? :no_mouth:


nope… my own mod which add 3 new items into the game, one of the weapon somehow bugged and shoot myself.


I gathered… Maybe just late night, a few cocktails and my attempt at humor lost a little something, I dunno. Anyway, good luck getting all the kinks out. Look forward to seeing it in it’s less than lethal form!



“Suicidal gun”


Where can I get it and for how much?


nice design there :smile:

fixed, turns out i put wrong line for weapon damage…


Globaltech mod in The Lab category,

free of course, still in Alpha test to get some feedbacks and suggestions.


still in alpha you say…