What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Right, I can take an action to make two-by-fours, but I can’t batch craft them and repeat the process by hitting ‘_’ anymore.

To get the logging mission, you need your camps up to level 5, which (if I’m reading this correctly) takes:

  • 25 hours of companion labor (sequentially)
  • 2 large tents, 8 broken tents, 6 tents, or 8 shelter kits
  • 88 two-by fours
  • 64 straw piles or 80 pine boughs
  • 192 nails
  • 24 pipes
  • 6 sheet metals
  • 1 tool with Hammer 2
  • 1 tool with Shovel 2
  • 2 NPCs, one with Fabrication 2

Each camp can only support 1 logger, so having multiple camps will make it go faster.


The logs are always the biggest time sink in my experience, until you get to Palisades and they won’t accept wires. I can get giant stacks of two by fours by walking through a house smashing things and dragging the lumber out.

Still want a lumber mill.


Is there any way to set up a macro so that you just need to choose the direction the logs are in for cutting? Or to do other things? I can think of a couple regular sets of keystrokes for tasks I could kill with macro support.


I am like 21 tiles away and my torso took no damage…? My Kevlar vest DID break so something happened not sure What exactly.


What the hell is a zombie queen, and why does it have tentacles? Is that from a mod? It looks like your vest absorbed the damage from the hits, but was at its last level of durability so when it ripped it finally gave out entirely.


Apparently she DOES both damage and phantom damage very weird Imma go hit it with a halfpike



I failed
I failed badly


Should have used more gun.


Now I’m gonna go get a gun


Wacking it has failed


You might try running it over with that car. That usually works pretty well too.


Point blank shotgunning has failed car plan active


Car plan worked but she is able to hit THROUGH vehicles hmmm weird


Its probably the windshield. Projectiles can go through glass. And sometimes pass through quarterpanels. I bet she couldn’t get through a composite armored board. What mod is that thing from?


Probably malkeus’s monster combo pack


When your car is skewed diagonally like that, things can hit you through the diagonals.

There is a fix underway.


It wasn’t skewed when I ran her over and I still was hit


Consider yourself lucky. She didn’t yank you directly through your windshield into the path of your vehicle while you were traveling at bonecrushing speeds.


This right here folks, is yet another reason to NOT HAVE A WINDSHIELD. I have a sealed cockpit surrounded by heavy duty stowboards and opaque doors at the center of my vehicle, to make it impossible for anything to see or shoot me from outside the tank.