What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


I just started next to Ogunquit. Maybe I’ll find a and NPC named Frannie or Harold…


I thought it was just a myth!



Quick, kill it before it lays eggs!


Fear not the beast lies dead with many a laser hole in its filthy corpse


Did you burn its corpse?


Does chopping it up and turning it to SPAM count?


I thought mi-gos produce tainted meat upon being butchered?

And no. It does not. Abominations like that should be smashed, burned, then have their ashes smashed again. NOT EATEN. Plus Mi-Go are sapient beings, albeit evil douchey ones. Eating thinking beings is icky.


*whistling while shoving human flesh in a nearby closet
Yum Yum

Pretty sure its from Duros Doings


I didn’t knew human skin was so nutritious, gotta eat more humans.


Uhhh that’s the stats for haggis… weird?



Well the skin is the largest organ in the human body.


I love how the description is just " THEY HAVE WINGS"


Day 62, we’ve secured the Rum and pot and begun to plot our next move.


Recently killed my first shocker brute. Couldn’t get the cybernetics sadly. Cleared out a mansion, got good gear, considering relocating base to mansion.


Day four and I’ve lucked into some helpful books. Currently hoping to find a solar panel somewhere…….


Does the skeletal juggernaut attack the other zombies ? I went through an Hospital, met two juggernauts and a bunch of already killed zombies, and since there’s no NPCs around I don’t know what could have killed them.


Me and Al Gore have been probing the edges of a small city. We been saving ammo by driving up into a section & blaring the horn. Our tank is on a mix of shopping cart casters, small wheels and (somehow) a single tank tread, but Al Gore flies like a wicked plague to any attackers, dealing death through a thousand slices.

As we’ve moved forward, we came across another survivor, Kenneth-something… He’s good with a turnequit and carries a shotgun.

Al is going nuts, hacking anything that moves. I’m supporting Al, trying to get into the mix when there are multiple walkers, but Al is usually too quick to let them pile up like that. Kenny-something is safely in the back on the street sweeper (12 guage), to keep our jury-rigged tank safe.

We’ve secured a street, two intersections on that street. It cost us one disinfectant soaked cotton ball and two bandages… Our tank hasn’t had to fire off a salvo so far, not that we have many rounds to spare.

Settling behind our tank to do our looting, we start taking inventory of a gun shop, a hardware store and 2 mil. surplus stores, as well as a pizza shop and grocery where we feast.

Al Gore turned my char into a near environmentalist to begin with, but raiding and securing a foothold in a town has brought out the blood-lust in Al Gore. Our new pal Kenny seems to naturally know to cover flanks so we have a retreat corridor back into the tank… But thankfully we haven’t needed that escape route so far.

Given the size, we should clear this town in about two days. Could probably do it faster but we’re stocked with rations & water, seem to gel into our positions,… And it’s not like we’re gonna miss our favorite show. Slow and steady, I’m helping Al Gore find his inner killer, and it’s suiting me just fine.


Al Gore isn’t letting some blob invaders come in and fuck up our ecosystem. Godspeed man.