What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


The game became too meta. I recently made an argument for the efficacy of the home made halfpike in a thread on here. Then finally having time to start up a new, serious character I did a rioter who fled the riots. Book store start like a champ. Since the starting NPC was standing by the window they got noticed by the hordes and eventually ripped to shreds.

On their corpse I found a homemade halfpike and used it to kite an escape through the hordes.


My newer game just moved from beginning phase to middle phase, marked by me getting an APC up and running. Now I’m working on fixing it up while I run raids to the nearby town along with my trusty sidekick. We’re about ready to hit the nearby mansion that I’ve been eyeballing, maybe they’ll have some good books… I just keep getting distracted by interesting side jobs on the way, such as that interesting APC that was only missing some wheels…


Where did they come from?! Lord of the Flies… is this normal?


Wow. That is a lot of flies. Do you have the spawn rate jacked up, or are there a lot of corpses or rotting stuff nearby?

I think the giant flies are passive though, so it shouldn’t be a problem. At least they aren’t giant wasps.


I am starting to think it’s a bug, they seem to be growing as I move away, or just following me… not really sure hah

Just started using wander spawns, so I turned the Spawn rate down to .50 and Carrion spawn rate is at 0% since when I made the world.


I had something like that happen while playing the stable version a month or so ago when I first found this game. There was an enormous insect battle near intersecting highways, with a shitload of giant wasps, flies, and jumping spiders having a 3 way battle to the death. I was well armed enough to handle them all, but it was affecting my FPS in a major way, so I used debug to kill them.


“so I used debug to kill them.”

Heh. Hehehe.


Thank you for noticing lol.


Gary want to clear out the regional school, his daughter used to attend. He had to put hear down some days ago when he found her at the ruined now police station, his place of work. She must have gone looking for him there… before she died… Now he want to rid this town of the undead and he almost managed that … but he didnt know that regional school had that many…and that they would follow his scent back home… I guess he didnt really thought this through… playing with grenade and all…


LMOE Bunkers ussualy have some fences in them.


Nancy has always been lucky. Sure, she prepares, but things just seem to fall into her lap. Like the nearly-pristine tank she found on the third day, or the basement full of weed, or the abandoned fire station on the edge of town.

But today… Well, animals have never loved Nancy; Something about her seems to set them off. It might be time to climb in the tank, roll a joint and pretend absolutely none of this is happening. It’ll all work out for Nancy. It usually does.

puff puff Wait, can coyotes work doorknobs?


Is there something wrong with animal spawns?

What the list doesn’t show was the many MANY pigeons there. This isn’t New York. The three blocks around me are covered in bird swarm as they are herded together by zombies and its causing the game to lag quite a bit.


a couple days ago there was a bug where enemies’ spawn code was messed up, so they would spawn copies of themselves. It got fixed later, but if you haven’t updated since late last night your version might still have the bug. Recommended solution by the devs was to either load a backup from before that error, or to debug-command kill the ludicrous hordes of enemies.

P.S. this effected all enemies, not just animals.


AHH buuuut I’m on the current version sooo hmmm debug it is


Anything overspawned from the bugged version is probably still there… but that looks like a normal ginormous zombie horde, not a cloned pile of identical beasties.


500 is normal!? pshhh my spawn rate is ONE this is not normal. Don’t even get me started on the BLOB section.


Turning my followers into my own personal guard of cybernetic super soldiers with the enormous stockpile of CBMs I’ve been saving. In my head, I’m imagining the process to be more or less this:


My last char tried going low tech, making only basic items to get by with. In a meth induced state, he was clearing zombies from around the perimeter of his dairy farm but a pair of shriekers alerted Z’s from nearby and he died in a swarm.

My new char started out as a home mechanic who started in a shelter with bird mutant Alfred Gore (seriously). He and Al Gore swept the shelter for what they could carry & headed out on foot. I thought with the hollow bones and what not from the bird mutations, Al Gore would die off quickly but at least he might be useful as a distraction to get away if things got too hairy.

Turns out Al Gore is one hell of a fighter. Maybe a lightweight in a fight but super quick, jumping from one enemy to the next and downing many before I could even get close to them. So I sacrificed armoring my char for the time being to protect Al Gore. With him as lightning quick brawler, my char kept to the back row with a spear to keep things away til Al Gore could rescue him.

We found a hippie van that worked-ish and took to the roads, scavenging as we went. After about 2 days travel we happened onto one of those solar cars with with all the upgraded panels. Stripped it of working panels & batteries as well as the electric motors. It took a little time to get some panels installed on the van & swapping the nearly dead gas engine for electric motors but eventually my char & Al Gore were traveling green, albeit at 47mph top safe speed.

Passed through a small town where we gathered what we could and found a road map. One of the roads it exposed showed a bridge & a water source and fish sounded as good as anything else, so we started off that way. On the way to the bridge, we found a military bunker with a tank parked out in front of it. There was just 1 working track and a few destroyed plates & frame sections, so right now my char & Al Gore are parked outside the bunker (with the tank between for cover from the turrets), trying to think how to get this tank up and running and how to make my char’s starting welder into a vehicle rig to take advantage of those upgraded solar panels & storage batteries.


Days passed. Gary was getting ready to go back at that school to put those children to rest. He had prepared grenades trying to do instantly and much more safer for him. But something when terribly wrong… He threw the grenade from afar and flew true but… He didn’t know some things.
Firstly being a small town cop , he didn’t have much experience with explosives so the !BaNG! almost blew his ears out. Secondly the worst mistake he made was underestimating the enemy. The loud bang startled the WHOLE school complex… Undead children , teachers, old Principal Sherpon went to the direction of the explosion. Gary deafened and scared shitless took his grocery cart and run back to his basement… On his way back… another survivor appeared out of nowhere… and asked if it was ok to come along. Until now Gary thought he was alone… so of course he said “Yea , man come I can help ya”. His name was, something…Gary couldn’t hear that well still… They went back to Base…and ate while exchanging stories. It was great. Next day Gary told the other guy that he had a mission to clear the town starting from the School. Gary gave the other survivor his spare fire axe while explaining his plan. Basically to explode zombies using grenades. So they went out…only to go back in… The Horde from the school…was outside.

The Gary grew too bold… the other guy was telling him that it was a bad idea and that they should stay low until it passes. But no… Gary was set on his target that school and that horde was in the way. The horde was startle and everything went to shit… The guy got trapped inside a vehicle and about 20-30 zombie children rammed it apart while Gary was trying to help him but at last he bolded back to base , picked up whatever provisions he could carry and left. The horde breached the base quite easily, Gary was proud about his fortifications once…not anymore.

He found his way to a strange basement of a house south of Tolland, while running for his life. The basement was full of corpses and bullets. There was some food, a wood stove , a lot of opened/ sealed crates and a lot of bullet casings. His body was ruined from all that running and fighting. On the way here a terrifying “thing” jumped him, smacking him meters away with one hit. Gary managed to kill it finally but not before this thing’s “pals” noticed them. Gary had to run away again. And that’s when he took a look at his stuff and noticed that a lot of his provisions are missing. Then he remembered. In order to fight that brute of a zombie he had to throw to the ground his pack and sword. He took a deep breath and took inventory of the things he had around him. Fortunately this basement had a lot of useless furniture for Gary to use for building up defenses and not a moment too soon ,those defenses where tested after two days passed…as undead creatures started flooding the stairways the next day at dawn. Having only rested some hours and his Fire Axe at hand he sliced and bashed without end. Until after hours it seemed…they stopped. It was strange. As if the undead army saluted him for his prowess against them and gave him a moment’s respite for the time being. Gary gladly took this chance to heal up , rest and reinforce his defenses with some traps. Nothing to complicated , nail sticking out of planks on the floor. It proved quite effecting against the mindless undead, the next day when they came knocking.

This was the third day cooped up, and his supplies where running low. He had some water from the toilet bowl in basement. Food was the major issue. So after a while he gathered his courage to venture Upstairs… What he saw was mind boggling. The horde seemed to like his smell as at least 5-8 undead where inside the house and a lot more outside. He immediately went down stairs placed the traps and waited. From that moment on it became kinda simple , in his mind I guess. He had to reach his backpack and his sword… outside.
In order to do that he had to clear the surface a bit…more like a tone really. So he would lure zombies down the basement on the traps and then he would kill them. He painted the place from floor to ceiling with red and gore. He at last managed to get some traps on the surface. He grew bold. Something that almost cost him as he tried foolishly to reach the backpack in the dead of night. Shades almost immediately surrounded him. He killed and killed but he was in deep as they kept on coming. The more killed the more appeared out of thin air. He started running back leaving behind unsmashed the undead shades…what a waste of sweat. Undead bodies left unsmashed would rise again after some hours. He was injured badly and could not fight the endless wave of shades and other things. He managed to shake them. After some rest and healing he went back up to continue his work. A strange man appeared telling him about a monster in the woods and if he was willing to kill it… This conversation happend as Gary and this random guy were fighting a small pack of zombie children and shades. Gary said ironically " Yea, sure". The guy seem to not get the irony. Just smiled and left running against the main body on the horde. Jeez… why some many crazies around. After some hour a second man appeared… or better put was heared from afar… as he was shooting(!) for crying outloud a semiautomatic pistol that close to a freaking horde. Gary went near and helped him clear up some of the Z chasing him as the guy shouted at him " AH don’t get any closer@!" . Gary told him that he wasn’t going to hurt him and that he is trying to help but I guess he kinda did it shouting at him. The guy almost peed his pant and fled. Gary didn’t understand that.

Hours of slaughter passed, he was getting closer. The mount of shades he had killed last night had not yet risen so he went by to smash them. And noticed that the way to the backpack was almost clear.


So my char and his travelling companion, Alfred Gore, were stopped beside a tank and a military bunker, using the tank to shield themselves from bunker turrets…

Al Gore cleaned up the wandering stray while my char slapped on a few wheels onto the tank so I could get it mobile. They cannibalized their barely working hippie van and the upgraded solar panels they scavenged from an abandoned solar car. Got panels onto the tank to feed the batteries and repaired fuel tanks to hold diesel before welder ran out of batteries.

Now my char and Al Gore have limped their way to a ranch where the tank stands as a front door guard. The ground is too hard to plant seeds they scavenged on the way, so me & Al Gore are settling in, making short hunting trips for meat and bones until we cam plant seeds from a majority of rotten produce we collected from a few grocery stores.

This char was supposed to be a road warrior right out of the gates, but being paired up with Al Gore has made him into an environmentalist. Funny how the apocalypse changes even the best laid plans…