What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Well, if they had to choose between uncomfortable and being eaten by coyotes or zombies, I think I know which one they will pick. You could always just excavate a big ass room underground and have them be free-cave animals.


So I’m still purging that bandit camp. I thought I was finished, but then i realized each building had multiple levels. But I found this on the third floor of one building. These bandits had bathtubs filled with money bundles. Every. Single One. I’m actually considering doing this for my base now.


I have to admit i haven’t had the chance to explore a bandit camp in current playthrough, Don’t think they existed the last time i was playing
Do you need anything special for them to generate? wondering/static npc’s? or iunno


I only have static NPCs on, and the extra locations mods. Be careful, most of them are armed with military gear. There is some pretty damn sweet loot inside. Guns, explosives, lots of ammo.

At least 3 mobile gun systems and several APCs and humvees were inside the compound on the ground floor. Those mobile gun systems were nice because I needed more 120mm shells for my tank, which aren’t exactly common. I’m planning to eventually come back with a cargo truck and dismantle all of the military vehicles, and carry the parts back to my base to use as spare parts and build a couple of more specialized vehicles.


1.) Lots of enemies on the ground level, almost all have some variety of firearm. Lots have automatic weapons, the M4A1 is especially prevalent.
2.) There seems to be an armory or cache on almost every level of each apartment building. Guarded by 3 bandits with M4A1’s. They seem to spawn in the exact same place in each armory.
3.) It is close quarters inside the buildings, I highly recommend Power Armor, and/or using chain lightning CBM or the Heavy Arc Projector (mod weapon, not sure which, its from one of the mods included w/the game) to stun lock them so they can’t unload on your face.
4.) The basement had captives inside, but no enemies. Not sure if there can be other configurations.


I never saw a tulip tree before…


This tulip tree upsets me more than the monsters and billions of casualties.


Mutant! Preserve this sample for study (submit a bug report), and cleanse the area with fire.


How do you not instantly die from walking into a hoard with only a 4 tile view distance?

(Curses FTW)


I like to zoom so i can see better the tiles texture (the developers work really hard on them, so someone has to appreciate, I think).
But I’m constantly checking my surroundings for any possible threats, don’t worry.
Though I must be honest, sometimes I miss stuff like body sites as there are no indicators that there is one nearby.


I usually just watch out for random nether enemies to find body sites. Gracken, kreck, amoebic mold, mi-go all tend to spawn near them.


I see everything:

Note: I like the wide bar style better but until the pain overwriting hunger issue gets fixed I’m stuck using the narrow despite the large display


I was dragging this locker out of a gun store, apparently it had decided to absorb the trash that was lying on the ground…


Survivor group at Wallagrass Refugee Center besieged by xenoflora emerging from nearby swamp.
Judge Raynor dispatched to defoliate area.
Rainy weather predicted to mitigate uncontrolled incendiary effects.
Unconstrained deployment of Fusion weaponry and incendiaries authorized.
Operation in progress.


I thought that was lava for a min and was like WTF.


Oh, this is after it was starting to die down in this spot. You cant see it, but there is an enormous swathe of burning forest to the east, and fields of ashes to the west.

There was a path to go underground at the Triffid Heart itself, but I couldnt reach it because of the flames. However, it seems to have burned because there is nothing left at the Heart itself but dirt and ashes.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know what was down there?


start digging… (There is no shovel emoji…)


Is it still there and the entrance is just gone? Do I need to purge the underground with fire as well?


It will still be there though I don’t think anything will come of it since it’s on a different z level. If you have z levels turned on it might have collapsed and thus be gone (I think) but usually basements will still exist after the stairs get destroyed.


No, I don’t have z-levels on. If the underground is still intact, will Triffids continue to spawn on the surface? Am I going to have to go down and exterminate whatever is hiding in there?

Related question: do toxic gas bombs work on Triffids? I heard somewhere tear gas will kill them? I’d rather not play with matches and fusion weapons underground.


Not 100% sure that they don’t have some special code but as a rule if you don’t have z-levels on, stuff won’t affect other levels. They will continue to spawn on level -1 but who cares.

@nameless_survivor I believe one can legitimately use the debug menu in this case (specifically map edit -> go down a level -> show all -> see stuff exists). This is a question regarding relatively obscure game mechanics stemming from how exactly things were implemented in the code. You shouldn’t be expected to know these details and I don’t believe that using the debug tools to investigate in these cases constitutes cheating so long as you use them in such a way as to minimally affect your game.