What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Finally found a fire truck to get turret mounts off of… looked south annnnd.




Drop everything you’re carrying and sprint past them, quickly!


Fret not I went the opposite way with one turret mount… turns out I need mechanics 6 to install my turret :C Its a difficult grind well more pipes are needed for underslung shotgun.


Breaking chain link fences and especially the gates is an easy way to get lots of pipe fast.


chain link fences? Where can you find those besides gas station, military bunker, fema camp, hardware/construction supplies stores Alright so i remembered a few places while thinking they’re rare, still…
display racks in grocery & electronics stores are my first source of pipes.


Good advice forgot about that was going to a grocery store for pipes


Best Message


Din Din


Hmm no mall around sooo… why?

Dats alotta zombies!!!


just how much noise did you make, They’re all coming from the same direction… could be a wondering horde? But is it???
They’ve all spotted you, from quite a distance it seems. surely you’ve made some noise, right? increased spawn rate?


No increased spawn rate and this is happening all over the city farther and farther from spawn
buuuttt… I do have enemy bandits and looters who use guns soo I dunno?


Radio stations, schools and some parks also have chainlink fences. Certain types of grocery and hardware stores as well.


After combing numerous labs can I wish for a specific book without feeling too dirty?


Holy shit thats a lot of zombies. My standard tactic for large groups of enemies is to park my tank, turn on the 4 lascannon turrets and let them service the locals until they quit showing up…but I think this might be too many for that. At least if they showed up at the same time.

Thats it, I need more lascannons. After seeing this, I’m not going to be satisfied until I’ve got at least 8. If I have to resort to using the 120mm HEAT shells or 30mm chaingun inside a city, I’ve already lost.


Nope, you will never be able to scrub the shame off of you. I’ve pillaged at least 8 labs and inumerable book stores, and still haven’t found the damn book for the control laptop. It will just make hacking my own robot army all the sweeter once I do.


I was afraid of that :frowning:


Secured a zoo and saved a slew of poultry and other farm animals. Was excited at the prospect of converting the place into a functioning farm-base. Wore myself out burning up rotting poo and zombie flesh, so I slept in my van outside. Next morning found a coyote had spawned in the bird’s cage and slaughtered them all.

I’m so disheartened. As I understand it, it’s wilderness so animals will spawn anywhere, including a sealed cage in a closed building in a walled compound. The high concentration of prey animals pretty much guarantees that this will happen. No matter what I do, the farm-base-zoo is an impossible dream.


What about underground? You could build a battery farm in a military bunker or something.


I’ve got a functioning animal rescue shelter in the center of a town, but it feels almost more cruel to keep them locked in indoor cages than to let them fend for themselves. The zoo looked much more pleasant for the the animals.