What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


created a new world. the starting shelter basement is one way down to an ant tunnel that connects directly to a lab guarded by a turret.


This is being a good run. Working up archery, which a almost never do. And delving deeper into chemistry too. Gotta love making 120mm ammo. :smile:


120mm :bow_and_arrow: ammo? Do you go bowhunting for tank drones? :thinking:


Bagged two tank drones so far. One with a LAW and the other with the 120mm cannon mounted on my modified Mobile Gun System.


Decides to make a new world since i never truly tried surviving without using debug and end up just sandboxing my world.

Makes world

Spawns and talks to NPC, takes NPC’s quest to get some meds.

Goes to craft myself some basics tools.

Remembers to go check basement for loots.

Goes down and finds an acidic soldier ant.

Runs up to NPC and hopes NPC will save me.

Gets spat by acid ant.

NPC and me tries to 2v1 the ant.


The end.

10/10 would play again.


My character has just taken his next step towards transhumanity. He already had extensive cybernetic augmentation (46 active & 22 passive bionics, 19900 power), but now two hits of Alpha serum have enhanced his strength, perception, hearing, and dexterity even further with no ill effects so far.


my randomly generated apocalypse is a chaotic cataclysm of modding escapades, but currently, ive been trying to get down the arts of burning down fungus fields. Also I’ve been playing as a Shinto shrine maintainer whos essentially become a tech priestess, in that shes theocratic about enhancing her body with CBMs. oh, and more horrible explosive luck. such as when i got caught up in my own explosives AGAIN.


Been five days surviving in the forest naked and afraid with zero skills at the beginning, in a world with cities spaced at 8. Took me several new games to find how to not die in the first night XD (I tweaked the firepit recipe to need only 10 stones, fu** in real life it must take maximum one or two hours to find the necessary materials to make a safe firepit)

For now I encountered no threat apart the weather. It becomes harder to find food, every day I must go farther to find some vegetables, but my character stay strong with good morale.

Last night, when I was sleeping, I heard a NPC being afraid. He’s nowhere to be seen this morning. I will try to find him today while I search for food.

(Man, this game give me really a “one more turn” syndrome!)


Careful. Just because something can talk does NOT mean it is an NPC. Or human. Or friendly.

In fact, I don’t think NPCs will talk out loud outside of you speaking with them.

I would recommend packing up your camp and moving in the opposite direction of the talking.


No, in fact when I was sleeping, I saw a yellow message like “Leanna is afraid of you”, that’s all.

I found her!

She is a rodent-like woman with a tail and fur. But she is very afraid of me, don’t want to talk and fleeing. I tried to approach her but she gave me a hit. So I backed and decided to let her live her rodent-life :sweat_smile:

I wonder if there is a way to befriend her?


Hmm. Not sure how if they wont talk. Never seen the whole “she is afraid of you” thing before. I’ve only met one random npc, and he ran straight into a bunch of military robots right after asking for an inhaler, and got shot to pieces.



Well, for now I’ll try the “live and let live” solution. I know she is southwest of my camp, maybe with a little time and being careful I will find a solution to approach her without tearing her (or me) to pieces.



Well, Emilia Ponce met her untimely end when she accidentally drove her car into a river. It was rather embarrassing actually, given that I had managed to find a nice ranch house to turn into a base and everything.

Starting up anew with a whole slew of new mods (Thanks wandering updater!) and such, I started with a new lady in a gun store, already infected. Gun stores are fantastic to start in, not just for the guns but also because it’s an amazing defense. So long as you keep the door closed and no hulks show up, you have an unlimited killing field where you can shoot them but they can’t get you!

So long as the door stays closed… starting NPC (oh right NPCs exist I didn’t have them enabled before) went all “LEEEROY JENKINS!” and ran out the door. After taking out the first couple that showed up I did at least manage to move a corpse out of the door and get it closed. Poor Snow Meow was doomed however.

Now I’ve got a ton of ammo for a shotgun, and am in the middle of a big city.

Fortunately there’s a working car right outside the gun store, and I need it because HOLY HELL A HELL SPIRE RIGHT THERE amongst other things. Did I mention I’ve got Ascension, PK’s, and a whole bevy of other things here? Yeah, things are only going to get harder…


There is no way currently to talk to NPCs that are fleeing. It’s on the long list of things to fix.


Hmm burning bodies in a pile on a concrete side walk dropped a SINGLE paper wrapper in a nearby tile and… R.I.P random NPC I didn’t talk to.


NOOOOO… the nerf hammer has fallen!!!
I haven’t played for awhile.


Discovered a new scenario that’s a bit of novelty for me. I think it’s called Left Behind or something like that. One of the starting locations is a Hermit Hut in the swamp.

First several playthroughs my character “died” of lame map generation. Finally stuck it out with one whose swamp hut is between two motels, a crater, and a town. No obvious way to get cars to my base though. So I’ll probably have to go the Death cycle route this time.

Swamp Huts are the bomb! Not quite laid out the way I’d like, generally, but they’re free of hours of tedious rock collection needs.

My starting NPC quest is for a relic, and there’s actually one quite nearby for the first time EVER. This game might be the first one in several months that didn’t become boring as soon as I had a death mobile.


Yeah, the only wrench I’ve found this playthrough was dropped by a zombie after it was killed by a roadblock turret. In the middle of an ant/wasp battlefield.

*Drums fingers"


Judge Raynor located a group of bandits that had established a base in a well fortified apartment complex. Unfortunately for them, metal garage doors don’t hold up well to vehicle mounted laser cannons.

Upon entrance, many of the bandits were shocked into inaction, but upon sight of the Judge’s badge, attempted to resist arrest. They were rapidly mowed down by the Judge’s trusty tank. The remaining bandits cowered in their salvaged armored vehicles, of which they seemed to have a large number. Each vehicle had to be cleared out, all occupants killed resisting arrest.

Upon finding the bandits corpse disposal area, containing mounds of the clothing, possessions, and body parts of their victims, survivor group designation “Crimson Sons” found guilty of mass murder.
Sentence: Extermination.

Sentence carried out with extreme prejudice. Captives found in the basement during purge were freed.

Supplies and armaments confiscated.
Case closed.
Continuing patrol.


As an entertaining side note, I found a safe locked behind iron door bars in the bandit hideout that had 32 playboy magazines in them. They were…confiscated as evidence.