What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


My medieval peasant convinced a wandering wolf girl to hang out with him and read him bedtime stories. In return he added an extra seat to his pimped out peasent cart. (Absolutely not just a set of three travois tied to a bicycle.)

Low mechanics and two tools makes for a silly vehicle.


Scarlet O’Hare successfully raided a hospital on her second try, and managed to analyze the blood sample that weird doctor at the refugee center wanted analyzed. After she heals up (should have shot that shocker zombie on the first pass instead of letting him ambush her in the hospital), she’ll swing by the refugee center and see what else he wants done.

In the meantime, she’s grabbed some med student’s chemistry textbook, which will hopefully help her decode that weird lab journal she found in the creepy, frozen lab before she booked out of there.


Master Ginmartini, Zui Quan expert and post threshold cephalopod with 8 tentacle rakes has been lead scout for the command centre and as a result had the pick of cbms. With repair nanobots and a few other juicy bionics, Ginmartini is feeling good.


Hello everyone, made myself an account just to post about my experiences with this awesome game.

Currently right now my character is staying in a borded-up barn tripping balls for an unknown reason. It’s only the third day and I found a H&K G80 rail gun in some storage units outside a town called Topsham. For it only being day three my character is pretty decked out. Although some of that has to be from my start (being a Bionic Sniper) and from my luck spawning in a town with two gun stores.

Here’s a picture on what is going on.


Moved into a nice dairy farm with 8 cows and room to farm crops. Built a charcoal kiln and smoking rack and smoked up some dogs and coyotes and threw the smoked meat into my newly dug root cellar with the rest of my food I looted from town. Now I just need a bucket so I can start milking the cows and my food needs are set.


You can milk cows into any container, though each cow produces 2.5L of milk per day so it’s helpful to have a large container.

Ice cream tubs, clay hydras, and plastic jerrycans are what I usually use, since any of them will hold two cows worth of milk at a time.


Evaline Frost, kidnaped and experimented upon is now attempting escape from the research facility. Using her one true skill, she hacked her way into an armory. Fully armed and outfitted with the gear of a military elite, none of the “creatures” she encountered posed any issues. That said, she still couldn’t open the large metal doors standing between her and her freedom… in a fit of rage, she stuck the rather large bomb she picked up against the doors, set the timer and retreated to a safe distance downstairs… Surveying the result, the doors are almost certainly gone but, so too are the stairs.








Go east until things go south.


Well there is no such thing as overkill… most of the time atleast.


not sure why you would not just run to your dad.


What are those monsters? I’m not familiar with the icons for them


Ants, dogs, and a bunch of hostile NPCs.


Ah, ok
That’s an appropriate time to run then


Yeah, well, I ran. To gain some distance. Then I shot them all with my longbow. All of them.


You would think the thing that took me an hour or two would give me more good bits?


This happened awhile ago but I found the picture so imma use it…


Read the post “send me your vehicle data” to read what happened to my glorious deathmobile


It will be missed