What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!

  1. Take dog mutagen
  2. Become the alpha dog
  3. Win


Beat a migo to death with my bare hands on day two. All my limbs are broken so I’m gonna spend the next month weeping in the sleeping cab of a truck.


Died multiple times. I’ve been savescumming recently.
Death 1: tried hacking into a computer to access a CBM. Spawned drone instead, shot like 50 times in my face.
Death 2: opened door and was holding the move button. Turret on other side shot me, but I was locked in my movement and ended up taking my next step forward. That was rough.
Death 3: triggered mine while trying to disarm it, whole body goes light green. Has health probably in the 60s, so more than half. Proceeds to continue disarming mines. Another one goes off and finishes the job.


Whelp I’m back from playing both SS13 and Minecraft instead of Cata, created and created a new character with some of the options changed like Kobold suggested annnnd… If I recall correctly he said the Cata++ mod made the game too easy… I reject this as getting one-shot headshotted multiple times by a super zombie scout is my evidence. The save scum was real. In funnier news I’ve found that close quarters combat is…easier?..Less insta-killy. This lead up to me fighting one with a METAL sword trying to kill it for TWO in game hours. My poor broken armed character after that fight… who then proceeded to two-shot a tough zombie afterwards. Now I’m building a death rig bit, but I can’t quite figure out how to use the friggin blazemod ammo hoppers,


Hmm… whole lotta nothin


Finally successfully installed a night vision CBM, so my ninja is now capable of utterly silent bow murder all night long. Clearing cities just got a whole lot easier.


So this just happened :

So usually 4th wall breaking stuff like that come up with hallucination but I don’t think my toon is hallucinating so I hope it’s more than just a joke and FUN is about to happen…

Also I just found a CBM on a dead scientist inside a house so that’s neat.


That’s one angry Shocker
I’m currently too weak to stick arround but there’s somthing fishy here


Well, that is pretty shocking.


I’m fucking dying. That shit is hilarious.


How’d you even get this?


I haven’t explored it yet but I found a house surrounded by shocker and schocker brute with at least one dead scientist inside. My guess is that there some lab f*ckery going on.
Also it’s probably, but i’m not sure, part of crazy cataclysm. That doesn’t seem like core game.


If you have crazy cataclysm enabled I’d say that’s the likely culprit.


I mean, I can’t even put into words how fantastic that is. ‘Who trolls the trolls?’


Had to almost completely disassemble a tank to remove and replace the broken tracks because I did not have a boom crane. With that said wow bottle jacks are impressive.


Damn some of the new buildings are huuuuge ! Look at that mansion image


The outermost ring of m are open grass, so it’s really 3x5 of building.
But yeah, every time I explore a large mansion I end up thinking “that was more mansion than I needed to explore at one time.”


Agreed. Especially with multiple floors. Has anyone found swimming pools or courtyards in these things like in the mansions of yore?



I’ve just figured out that some buildings now contain hidden rooms! I had that strange feeling that the wall is thicker than it should reasonable be here. I (G)rabbed the bookcase and pulled it away. Weapon shelf behind hidden door!


I’ve been hearing about those. Get to find one myself though.


So… My drunken master hobo came home after looting a local liquor store. He decided to have another drink and smoke some medical. He soon fell asleep while smoking a cigarette, only to be awoken by his room caught ablaze!