What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Rolled into my second spring with a decent early model Deathmobile, and as I drive into the next town I discovered a fairly pristine Atomic Mini Tank!

Spent the next several days stripping it for reactors, enhanced motors, and armor. The ol’ deathmobile is now looking pretty sleek.

In other news, still haven’t figured out an particularly effective way to kill Skeletal Juggernaughts. Luckily the first real weapon I ever found was a morningstar, so I have a decent bashy tool for them - but even with a full survivor kit, it still hurts to stand there and trade with them for 20 turns running. Of course, now that my DM is properly armored, I suppose I could just run them over…


Those are pretty sweet. A lot better than the old crash sites.


Well then…I’m gonna have fun


Raided one of the new labs, it was fantastic, really felt like a labyrinth designed by a whole committee made up of mad scientists. I like that there’s actual food down there now, it always seemed odd that they had beds and drinks but no food before.
Also raided another mansion. Do Petrified Eyes not spawn in the new mansions? I haven’t seen one in the past six or so mansions, not since the new mansions came online.


Today marked a major turning point for Irvin. His erstwhile companion was a broken shell, his arms and legs broken and ravaged by acid that had leaked from the zombies he had been surrounded by. As his body was wracked with pain he had asked Irvin to make sure that he didn’t come back as one of them…….

Walking away from the burning corpse of his friend Irvin felt something harden inside of himself…Now he was truly alone…


Jungleclaw found my first ever Science lab in a basement. Computer skill of 6 wasn’t enough to get me past security but several zaps and one pickaxe later I have raided a barracks and bionic stoage and found a lot of mutagens for my command center just on level one. Next up is to finish the lab then scavenge the seven mansions in a ritzy neighbourhood.


-Congrats! You made the 666th post to this thread!
-Really, the ‘s’ after demo was actually just a typo. It was meant to be ‘n,’ for demon. :smiling_imp:


I always find myself building the same vehicle over and over again, decided to try and sketch it. Some sort of overladen solar electric trike situation.

… though I guess in game things tend to get out of hand eventually.


Today Amy decided to raid a nearby prison, to see if there was anything interesting. After killing a few zombie cops and a riot control bot, she went in the front door, and saw what she thought were more riot control bots. So she went up and whacked one of them, confident in her ability to win the melee battle. She got a nasty surprise when they turned out to be security bots rather than riot bots, and unloaded their submachine guns into her. Miraculously she survived, having only a single bar of her head’s HP left. She immediately booked it, but couldn’t make it out without getting into their LOS. So she spent the entire day locked in the prison bathroom waiting for nightfall, when she sneaked by under cover of darkness.


Try pumping 3 points into dodge/unarmed and pick scorpion venom mob protege.

I did that and absolutely destroyed all the zombies present. Not the robots, those insta kill you without good protection.


Trying to decide of I want to lengthen my van or not… And having terrible luck from the RNG when trying to mutate


Was recently ransacking a new-style lab when I peeked around the corner into a room with 3! security bots. Judging that their night-vision was likely much better than mine, I quietly closed the door and snuck away.

I retreated back to my van to collect some ordinance, then crept back down, cracked the door and tossed a smoke grenade in, followed by a flare, then threw the doors open and retreated well up the darkened corridor under the cover of the smoke screen.

As the smoke cleared around the confused security bots (now flare illuminated), I was able to pick them off one by one with heavy steel arrows from far up the darkened corridor, out of range of their sensors.

Now I have several gallon jugs of mutagen stored away from the giant mutagen vat they were guarding.


Slightly drooling… how large was that vat?


I think somewhere around 40-ish mutagen in total? Pretty sweet haul, though I haven’t decided what mutation path I want to try yet.


In more recent news, I was busy trying to get fancy out-maneuvering a horde in a city center when I realized I’d driven into a nearly blind block center - only viable exit was a narrow (6 tile) alleyway. Was feeling cocky so I decided to try to run my APC through that with virtually no wiggle room. Stuck the turn like a champ and slotted in home free…

Until I noticed the two trees blocking the alley exit. No options left so I gunned it. First tree went down, but the second held and my APC went diagonal, taking out half a bookshop and the corner of the subway station on the other side of the alley, ending up wedged completely immovably under half a ton of rubble, a concrete structure and a stubborn tree.

Crawled out as the horde caught up and ended up shishkebobbing the first score or so before a hulk showed up to say ‘Hi’. Tried to evade him into the subway station, which turned out to be a HUGE mistake as he and some friends followed me down and he proceeded to re-enact the Smith vs. Neo subway fight by slamming me repeatedly into the subway walls before I finally managed to finish him off, with about 20% hp left in every location and hopped to my eyes on codine so I could stand.

Dragged myself out of the station, managed to finish off what remained of the horde, and then set about the sorry task of chopping and excavating my thoroughly dented (but otherwise intact) APC from the rubble.



Ooh something that gives acid immunity is my goal. Been having some lifelike dreams about pollinating plants and some terrifying ones about serving the queen.


Jungleclaw slowly put down his stethoscope and reached into the safe he had just cracked. He shook his head in disbelief when he saw the large Rivtech logo on a hefty-looking manual. -That figures, he thought. He looked around the room This vault in a bank on the outskirts of the immense city of Woonsocket had also contained a set of basic power armour, a quantum solar backpack and TWO sets of heavy power armour. It was time to celebrate .


Zui Quan black belt Donna Edge is finding the apocalypse a lot easier than she expected. Her house is in the northeast corner of Limerick, a quite nieghborhood nestled among the trees, and with only a few dozen zombies around. Apart from fleeing that shocker brute that suddenly came around a corner one time and a couple of sizable hordes that showed up out of nowhere, her biggest worry was a momma bear and her cub who took up living on the street two houses over.
Getting up close and yelling was a harrowing experience – if they had turned on her she could have been in serious trouble – but happily worked, and they moved on.
Now she’s got a root cellar for storing food, and is building a wood stove in the house, which should de-clutter her car-port crafting area nicely.


enters lab
Female voice: “You’re all going to die down here.”
Me: “Nope nope nope.”
leaves lab


While dragging a shopping cart with no wheels, Jungleclaw saw packs of dogs. In the hundreds. They seemed to keep their distance but my dude came across packs and packs and started to get freaked out a little by the thousands of dogs running about. That area is going to be marked off-limits