What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Where is That? Florida?


With a deep scowl on his scowful face Master Jungleclaw surveyed the smoking ruins of the once world famous Chatham library. Corpses by the hundred littered the surrounding streets, sometimes piled as high as the waist.
Grabbing a military grade shovel he dug a deep pit and spent a week butchering corpses and burning them.


Been delving into a weird lab in front of a duplex close to the edge of my town…

on the 4th level of the lab, 5th if you count the entrance basement as a level I finally found an auto doc. I failed the computer hacking check to open it so I continued exploring, I’ll bring a jack hammer once its cleared. When i came upon another auto doc room from the looks of it, a man hack buzzed near a hole in the wall, as I approached spear at the ready to swat it out of the air, a huge bust of gun fire erupted from the darkness, my survival duster took the brunt of it but I still was majorly wounded. I immediately took off at a run slamming the door behind me and making my way up a floor. Safe from the security bot I set to popping a codeine and bathing my wounds in disinfectant. The pain was bad to fight off shock( a shock mechanic would be “fun”) I popped some caffine tabs and then proceeded to bandage myself up.

Time to head home unload count my loot and heal up. I’m coming back with a big gun and my jack hammer next time.


As a follow up to my previous post

I finally found an RV kitchen unit! I would have preferred an onboard chem setup but beggars can’t be choosers.

Edit - The house I searched after finding the kitchen unit had the book that has the recipe for hotplates. Thanks RNG


You’d think so, but the water’s not really a barrier to Z hordes, they don’t breathe and will happily stroll across rivers and lakes.

And yeah, it looks like I’ve driven to Florida, doesn’t it? There’s a ton of water tiles in this region.


I’m betting zeds won’t spawn in water, and since there is so much water between you and land then noise will not spawn nearly as many hordes near you.


Well hordes are drawn from map populations, so just being far away from cities is good, but water in particular won’t stop them from migrating.
It’s nice thematically to be on an isolated island, but a big empty field is just as serviceable, and you can drive off of it easier.


Takes a flatbed truck and runs over a ton of enemies only to have them immediately resurrected by a zombie necromancer.
runs out of town like a bat out of hell
Time for a new plan.


Prepping to go implant a few cbms into my self. I’m worried that the secubots might come in from the autodoc room next to the one I plan on using. Also have to decide which ones to use. Since I only have 3 anesthetic kits.

My yellow chicks turned into crows… weird.


Wait yellow turns into crows? Man at least I have a brown to hope for turning into a chicken.


All the birds have different yellow chicks as children. You can’t tell if a given yellow chick is a baby duck, baby chicken, or baby crow unless you’ve kept track of it since the egg was laid or you see what it grows into.


Phew almost throttled it for meat


I see, is there any clues in the descriptions?

I do remember seeing some brown chicks and a brown water fowl chick.
I’m guessing those are going to be similar.


0.0 Anyone know what adds Sp0reos?


I have only the barest of ideas how this happened.


Had a jaunt through the new subway system with the train tracks, They’re kinda huge, but it looks good, and was a fun way to cross the town.
What happened to the C.H.U.D.s though? I seem to recall them being nasty customers back in the Whales days, fast and aggressive and tough, like the reptilian things from the (so bad it’s good) first movie, now they’re pale crazy humans like in the (just laughably bad) second movie, and they go down easy, but give you morale penalties. Watching a fight between them and a sewer gator was just sad, when I had thought for a second it would be a good fight.


35 days in and I’ve only managed to get my primary weapon skill, piercing, up to 2. This a byproduct of having the Pacifist trait. It has certainly made this run different, forcing me to rely more on keeping my NPC companion alive after they have taught me all of their skills.


As a joke I mounted a fusion blaster to a rolling office chair with bike pedals and a motorcycle engine and box on the back with a cart wheel. Both tiles have as much battery as possible. It only goes in a straight line but it explodes everything and makes me laugh which is all that matters.


Decided to take my survivor for a drive outside the city for once. Truthfully I need some more anesthetic kits and there only two doctor offices in my huge town. I’m hoping to find a hospital to check.

Along my jaunt I found a couple body sites real close to each other, one a drug deal gone bad and another a scientist group. The zombie scientist were getting destroyed by a mi-go, it thought I was going to be just as easy. He was wrong, three good stabs with my spear and it was oozing its gray ichor all over the ground. I found a power helmet and some plutonium cells and the usual cbms. Nothing I didn’t already have. But something was stalking around, something big, but I couldn’t see it. I crouched over one of the scientist trusty scalpel in hand slicing a CBM out of it, when all of a sudden I felt hot breath on my back and a massive dollop of saliva splat onto my heavy survivor suit. I rolled to the ready picking up my spear with practiced ease and stabbed out at where I could sense the giant beast. What new horror was this. I had fought all manner of creatures in the last 3 months but nothing so large and invisible. Blood spurted from it, I quickly jabbed at it multiple times as I zigged and zagged back from it. Hitting it each time, luck or something was watching over me as it quickly feel to my spear. As it did its invisibility faded. A Spinosaurus laid there crumpled in a heap bleeding profusely from its head. The noise of the battle had attracted several zombie soldiers from a nearby helicopter crash. I dealt with them before I tied the huge dinosaur to my death bike and dragged it to a tree, with a bit of work I was able to hoist it up and butcher it. I’ll be eating dino steaks for a good while.


Found a crashed Osprey filled with army zombies and…human flesh…?