What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Found a house swarming with Giant mutant pregnant roaches. I went in and slaughter them all, amongst the filth was the corpses of a dozen giant spiders… screw this place. I set it on fire.


Kinda the same thing happened to but it was a fast-food restaurant and a horde of zombies along with the roaches.


Has anyone seen the locusts yet?


How long are your seasons?


91 days.

I like to play as realistic as possible.


Cool maybe one day I’ll try it but doesn’t that make farming kinda ridiculous?


Yea you have to wait a while before you can plant. But Food is never really a worry, plenty of critters to eat and since I play with huge towns I just raid another block if supplies get low. Roaches are good eating too, and the new bird mechanics provide ample supplies of eggs.


What IS annoying is that the old ways of having non-pershiable foods is destroyed by the arbitrary six years to rot. Pemmican is kinda not worth it now if I can’t use rotten meat and veggies to their dehydrated counterparts to pemmican. Also I’ve captured 2 fowls of differing colors in my animal compartments and when I get back to the farm I’ll put them in the barn to make me more eggs


Do you know if the chicks grow up to full grown fowl? Or should I just eat them and capture some fowl?

I think the new food mechanics were specifically targeted at the exploit of dehydrating rotten meat and veg/fruit. So thats pretty much working as intended. It does annoy me that some of it spoils though.


I would think they grow considering roaches and locusts do. I found another way for food anything that can be sealed like meat soup can use rotten ingredients and still be “Fresh”


Lol. They are always going to have problems with keeping rotten foods from being converted to fresh it seems.


Well I now have 100+ glass jars of varying soups and broths the only thing holding me back from more is I can’t fill the copious space of my cars tanks with water to spare my cargo spaces


I actually did the entire code for it. Just had a little problem while I was working on it. So now I just need to make sure everything is working right.


Ran into a bunch of fungaloids, after finally getting into spawn range of the infestation NW of my start zone. Decided to start clearing the infestation, before realizing how large it was. When I realized that it would be a multi-day job I took a rest in a nearby house, intending to continue in the morning. This being my first playthrough (well, the first that lasted more than 4 days anyways), I didn’t understand the reality bubble or fungaloid spawn speed, and woke up to the fungal bloom having grown up to the house, completely covering the entire field next to it.

It turned into a long battle, but I was eventually successful in beating back the fungus menace with prodigious use of fire. Used a rifle I looted from the nearby gun store to take down the Spire. But I learned a valuable lesson that day. Don’t let a fungal infestation sit. Instead burn it down at the first opportunity.


Fungal infestations are glorious to spawn near as fungaloids are neutral and hate zombies. Just get a horde of zombies and run them into the fungus and I’ve used them to clear whole parts of cities before


Just make sure to stay away from the spores or have 100% body coverage of at least 2 environmental protection. Fire resistant suit hood gloves and socks are great for that.


I’ve always been a little gungho about the spores and wear whatever and only once had it bit me but luckily antifungal drugs were feasible to make. Note if you have an artifact that gives you netherworld attention it can give you fungal disease happened to me like four times before I figured it out


Thats something I didn’t know. Thanks for that tip.


I found the dumbest bridge the other day. Drive across the beautiful waters, see the horrible swamp, say “nope” and turn around and drive back to where you started, all in comfort and safety thanks to the Great Castle Hill Swamp Bridge!

Corruption in City Hall

(If I weren’t out of petrified eyes, though, I’d totally swim over to those temples.)


That looks like the best place for a permanent base though. as long as there is enough clear land.