What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Yes but I assume the helm is from a differing mod


I’ll take a look at other set pieces and come up with a design.


I don’t mind either way


Hmm, the whole set is transparent lol


You’re looking at the bio solidified set?


Yeah. The regular chitinous set has tiles though. I might make a set like that but red color like a soldier ant.


The Bio comes from acid ants freakin horrible they are


Oh, then I’ll go for an acid green color scheme.




Do you have an edited tilesheet?


Nope just base chesthole32


But I do have the latest update


Here’s the biosilidified chitin armor designs.


Now I need to figure out how to incorporate them into the tileset. I’ll have to check the code to see if worn armor gets repositioned.


This dude is just chillin, waving at every one that passes.


Would it kill the game to spawn one hotplate? Or the book that would allow me to craft them?

Other than that I cannot complain so far.


Well, I’ve got the code implemented and the updated tileset to include worn bios…whatever armor. Don’t know how to link the tileset though.


Here’s the worn armor.Biowhateverarmor
If anyone else wants to do the code and tiles for it wielded and dropped they can. >_> it’s a bloody headache trying to figure out the pixel locations.


quite frankly I’m impressed you did this much this is really cool


Very nice sir/madame/mutant squid person…