What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


No, it’s just wooden frames on the back. Attached he same way you normally would for an otherwise wooden vehicle. Sorry to get your hopes up.


No worries.

As for my apocalypse, Started a camper with the missed start, because I like the kit he starts with, even though I generally toss the sleeping bag and tent as soon as I start. I was only a couple blacks from the edge of town. Me and my new friend, a scientist by the looks of her clothes made it to the edge of town and holed up in a half finished house. So far everything has gone well as we have been clearing our nearby city blocks. Plenty of food, especially with all the dogs roaming around getting murdered. I ended up befriending a lab mutt and she is a loyal companion so far, even happy to carry a bag full of loot and bite a zombie or two. Currently I am working on boarding up the windows on the house, though I would like to keep a few with just curtains so I can use natural light and use them to keep an eye on the perimeter.


Went toe to toe with a Zombie Hulk day 8. Armed with a Labrador mutt, an Npc in minor leather gear and a quarter staff, and me with a stone spear and decent leather gear. He just popped up around the corner of an ambulance I was looting. It wasn’t too bad he swatted my companion across the street so, I just jabbed and retreated. He did manage to punch me across street also which is when my stupid NPC decided to run in and start getting pummeled. So I dived in and together we annihilated it. I was worried my dog had attracted it and suffered for it but he came trotting around the corner as soon as it was dead, smart puppy.

Since then I have been reinforcing my house. I went to remove a glass wall next to the door, but it set off an alarm, not a single other window in the house is alarmed… I save scummed that mistake because its impossible to tell and I couldn’t remove the wall in the construction menu and breaking it was a last resort. Ohwell… I guess I’ll build a wall around them.


My spiked trench is done, but i don’t feel its enough, so I am collecting and making pointy sticks and barbed wire to set up another line of defense.

Soon I should be starting a garden plot. But I want to be certain my position is secure. After the plot I will hopefully begin a camp next to my fortified house.

I am now in chitin and survivor gear, My companions are in bone and light survivor gear. With an anvil I have now forged some steel spears to arm all of us.


Double layer of pits, double layer of barbed wire kills 90% of zombie intruders without you having to do anything.


Good to know. Now I just have to get rid of this road and side walk…


Two shocker brutes and atleast one mi-go in the city I started by. Having a few tense nights of raiding with them around.


Found a v12 sports car next to a busted up humvee. Now I have a v12 mil comp plated motorcycle with a M249 mounted on the front.

It consist of a military composite ram at the front; then a 32in armor plated wheel, a heavy duty frame, a reinforced windshield, reinforced headlight, m249 turret; reclining seat, heavy duty roof, heavy duty frame, 60l tank, v12 engine, truck alternator, car battery, dashboard, controls, 5 point harness; and 32in armored wheel, heavy duty frame, muffler, cargo space; and all military composite plated. All in perfect order except the gun which has one unit of damage and I’ve collected about 400 rounds for it.

What's your survivor thinking?

I was reading skill books outside of a lab, when a NPC with big paws comes out the woods, I managed to recruit him fairly easily and then we rid the woods of the infuriating collies to stop them from interrupting my reading.


Damn, a bike that weighs a ton…lol I made a military motorcycle with a sidecar and mounted rifle, but I don’t remember how much it weighed.


Bikes are great until you get punched off of one by a zombie hulk.


Using a bike is great if You’re using it for quick travel and as a mobile gun platform.


Ehh I get the same effect with my death mobile, I only tend to travel around at maybe 40-50 mph


I used to love bikes! Mine always ended up looking like something from Judge Dredd.


My bikes usually turn into rolling death tanks ESPECIALLY if the bike starts as a wheelbarrow


Here’s my military sidecar motorbike.


I took it on its maiden voyage to the center of my size 15 city. Till I met a horde big enough to persuade me to turn around… probably at least a 100 zeds spread out. Watching zambies explode is great. Acid zombies make great splats. Sadly a shocker got me and fried my battery. It took a bit of welding but its all in tiptop shape. I just need to recharge my battery, I think I’ll grab a storage battery next.


My car as in current status, sadly not formed from a wheelbarrow but a simple electric SUV


Lol footpedals. What do you use those for?


Wow, didn’t realize it was 1 ton…

Foot pedals can be used to charge bionics while you drive with torsion ratchets.