What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


That’s kinda odd. >_> didn’t know that.


You can use barrels at tanks?!


Foot pedals can be used with electric gennies


He was talking about his motorbike. Not his car.


Barrels can be used as tanks yes but the frozen update kinda messes with them


Whoops saw yours forgot that his was higher


Hey Kobold, I would probably suggest you use an Inline-4 engine and light frames with your motorcycle. Also switch to a Browning Automatic Rifle. If nothing else, the BAR is better for it’s semi-automatic fire. The M249 is just a waste of ammo.


Well, not sure how well an inline-4 would work with his…his weighs double mine.


I’m not good at using the regular engines as I tend toward the electric but would a v6 be good?


Nah. I like my vehicles heavy and over powered. I was riding around in the silliest little grocery cart with a wheel handle pedals and saddle welded to the front until I made this.


Do you use Cata++? If not it is a good mod.


My motorcycle weighs half a ton and it hits 70 before going into the yellow using an inline-4 engine.


I don’t personally use any additional mods. I’m still using an older version.


My next build is a deathmobile unicycle.


I can admire one who can use the old builds practically vanilla


No need to admire me. I have no internet on my computer and my phone has the minimum data plan. XD


I use most of the mainline mods but nothing else. I tried Cata ++ but its to op and easy mode for me.


RIP if your phone didn’t have the minimum plan i would have recommended a solution to your computer internet problem


I like the UPS rifle and the gennies plus the tailors kit that’s about it


That’s fine. I can still do the things I need to. It’s just more difficult and limited.