What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


After nearly 30 hours of gameplay without a wrench or sewing kit, I decided to throw caution to the wind and drove out to do a night time raid of the hardware superstore.

I was prepared for a long slog, with nasty beasts that could kill me around every corner. I crafted holsters and sheaths to store all kinds of extra weapons, mod’d all my ranged weapons, packed my car, and headed out.

The 5th zombie I killed trying to clear the driveway had a wrench on him. The 6th one had a sewing kit.

Does anyone know if there is specific coding for ironic loot drops? Or is it entirely CPU dependent?

Anyway, I celebrated for the night, drinking out of the BARREL OF SINGLE MALT WHISKEY that I found, and spent the morning driving arounds to all the car parts I had identified over the course of the game to pick them up.

Then I got to work merging the Solar Car with the Security Van to make my mobile armored workstation – only to realize AFTER taking them all off that the upgraded solar panels require Mech 6, not 4, to install. I guess I should have cut up the security van and welded it to the outside of the solar car, instead of trying to solder the solar car to the top of the Security Van.

Ah, well. There’s another Solar car missing it’s wheels on the highway headed to the superstore.


I’ve had a character or two who found a solar car early and just parked it outside their base and then starting adding crafting stations and minifridges to the car, rather than lose out on all the juicy solar power while grinding up mechanics.

Light frames are a bad choice for a combat vehicle, so I think you would have been disappointed with the armored solar car. Just get some standard solar panels for your security van for now and you’ll be set.

Obligatory Officer Dan:
Hey, guess who forgot that apple trees bloom in autumn, not summer? The processing plant was kind of a bust, really.

Dan has returned to the farm and is puzzling out how to build a farming tractor. He also decided to raid the necropolis surface level to get cool stuff/use the diesel pumps. Mostly, he just refilled his tanks and picked up some more seeds.


That’s what I started doing while hunting for the elusive wrench. Parked the solar car by the base and installed every battery I could find it in. Removed a bunch of the windows around the seat intending to turn it into my craft station. I just got excited about the mobile base and finally having a wrench, and didn’t double check that I could install the upgraded solar panels before taking them off.

The mobile base isn’t going to be a combat vehicle, it only gets moved when I find somewhere safe to move it to. I tend to prefer motorcycles for scout work. This time, I’ve got two road paver vehicle things (I forget their name), so I’m thinking about trying to build a 3x4 combat vehicle/looter with roller wheels all around a seat and cargo space. See how well they smush zeds.


I got some plate armour and a mace from a mansion and chain mail for my npc in a really bad day challenge with base stats and some helpful traits like infection resistaint. Also survived the infection with no meds and the zombies jumped into the burning house that me and the npc had vacated. On top of this i found a working car and am now I’m a reclaimed house while the npc heals a broken leg. After I killed a bear in solo combative food. Gotta love plate armor.


There it is. The gorram book that I’ve been needing for the last six months, in the window of the high security electronics store. The corpse of another survivor lies next to the locked front door.

Pulling out my hacksaw, I start sawing through the metal bars on the window. I haven’t cleared this area, focusing more on finding loot and avoiding the half dozen riot control bots that patrol these streets. The noise keeps drawing the attention of zeds, so I try moving around to the back, only to be attacked by some unholy abomination from under the ground. I whip out my Glock from my ankle sheath and fire at the thing as I retreat.

The noise draws the attention of not one, but two shocker brutes and a zombie hulk. For some reason, though, they start fighting among themselves as I dive into the shadows. The hulking brute punches one of the shocker zombies through the wall of the electronics store that I’ve been trying to break into for the last four hours.

My luck runs out as the destruction summons another eyebot. The hulk chases the shocker into the store, and suddenly my treasure trove becomes a battefield I want no part of.

…At least, not in the gear I’m currently wearing.

I head home and craft a whole new set of armor for myself. My tailoring skill gets up to 7, unlocking a brand new set of gear, so I craft that too, and give the previously top-tier gear to one of the half dozen survivors that are loitering in my bunker.

Armed to the teeth, covered from head to to in Kevlar, I hop in the kit-bashed cop car I’ve nicknamed Chelsea, and drive into town in broad daylight. I park two blocks from my target and walk down the middle of the street, defiant, ready to take on all comers.

The first zed that pops its head up is some kind of new acid zombie. I’ve never seen its like before. Never even heard mention of it from the other survivors (ie, literally never seen this thing in all my playthroughs – though I’m also an entire season past my previous record, so not surprising).

Five minutes later, my legs have nearly melted off, my left arm is crippled, and the only thing that saved my beautiful face is sheer luck.

I limp back home. “Ready for anything,” I mutter. “Better visibility in daylight,” I curse.


Ran into my first ever tank drone while driving my light-framed electric car through an intersection.

So, on the plus side, now I get to roll a new character.


That kind of introduction will stick with you.


In a world where the cities are supposedly huge and so is the space between them I find a group of dead drug dealers one of whom had a loaded tec-9 in there possession and discover that apparently the 9mm pipe rifle is more accurate than it.


Tank drones are the worst! Except maybe chicken walkers.

If you’re lucky, you can hear the drone destroying a nearby horde, and come up with some kind of plan to avoid it in the short term and kill it later. If not…


Well, it is a submachine gun, they’re really meant for suppression fire. I could see a well-made pipe rifle beating it in a marksmanship contest.


Not to mention its a tec-9. They don’t exactly have a long barrel to increase accuracy.


Finally found a city in my world and realized that until then I hadn’t encountered a single shady zombie. With that said though I found both a flintlock rifle and carbine which is nice. But even more exciting was an electric forge and loaded acetylene torch which will allow. I also found a pair of underwear in a fast food restaurant in there which makes me wonder what would happen if a zombie could get high.


Well it took me a good bloody hour but I finally taut my character how to reload the pneumatic assault rifle alot faster by means of a homemade clip.


Oh? You made a mod for it did you?

Also, the reload time for the pneumatic weapons isn’t based on how long it takes to put a bolt/pebble in it, it’s based on the amount of time it takes to pump air into it. That said, the assault rifle does take a ridiculous amount of time. You’d probably be better off just reducing the reload time itself like I did in my mod.


So the time from loading individual pebble is supposed to also represent pumping as well as loading?
Either way I just managed to successfully create an overwrite mod (after a while). Maybe I’ll make loading the clip itself take long and have the recipe include a tank and some other stuff to essentially be both a clip as well as similar to those quick co2 charge cartridges.


So started a new world, this time also trying the ascension mods for the first time and chose to start out as a prisoner. Thankfully prisons tend to have at least one tough zombie to break the bars until I can achieve my own way of escaping in which after crafting lockpicks and a crowbar used a locker to block the los of the security bots so I could finally get out. I find it very amusing how I in this scenario I found a hacksaw, wood saw, screwdriver set and a wrench all in the first day. Thankfully for the newbie psychopath there was a evac shelter nearby which would act as a base of operations which also happened to have a derelict farm nearby. The second part was important as with the exception of the prison and infrequent rainfall there was no water to be found as for the first time I have tamed a cow which is proving to be a life saver.


Tried out the hospital start. I can’t ever do anything right unless I start in the evac shelter or LMOE shelter. I’m a bad player.

Anyway, got overwhelmed basically immediately in the hospital. Debugged a very big explosive into my inventory and went out like a man. Thought I’d share my shame with everyone – both for failing to escape and because I cheated and genuinely felt bad about it.


I finally managed to get that gorram book. Had to kill FIVE shocker brutes, three zombie hulks, 2 zombie brutes, several new kinds of acid zombies that I have never seen before. In the process of prepping for that battle, I have managed to get Fabrication, Tailoring and Cooking up to 7 for the first time in my C:DDA career, learned the fermenting system (which, curiously, leads to battery power), and somehow managed to survive until mid-Autumn.

My previous record for surviving in this game was 1st day of summer.

I’m really tempted to grind my electronics up now that I have the critical missing book that can get it from 2 to 4. But I feel like that would be wasting my first autumn!

Also, I never did figure out how to get that aux flamethrower that I mounted under my shotgun to work. Smoke bombs, on the other hand, a great way to get out of a hairy situation. Never quite talked myself into trying any of my homemade grenades, though.

I’ve been pursuing this goal for like nearly a month. I have never managed to last this long to acquire all these tools. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself next.


For the new versions most flamethrowers need a fuel tank as a magazine. Fortunately for you the fuel tank for the aux flamethrower is craftable. Unfortunately for me at least when I crafted a simple flamethrower the bigger tank is not.


I’m playing a version that is a few months old. 7081, I think. Do you know what the name of the magazine is? In my version, I’m filling it with gas before attaching the mod.