What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Well someone discovered my secret to infinite food. Also you can turn them into flour so more variety!!!


There’s a nice joke about a house and an artillery squadron. Too bad I can’t translate it to English.

Meanwhile, in real life…

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Been looting the nearby houses at night for the past 9 game days so I couldn’t really look around but I dared to brave the daylight this time and found this not far from the house I hide in:

Possibly very large picture

It’s easier to see on the pixel map, but I still don’t know if it will be view-able. Just in case it isn’t, its two artifact craters about 30 squares apart from one another. I walked into the first one to see what it was and started taking hits from nowhere. According to the message log, the rocks were attacking my character. It literally says “A rock hits you”. I cleared the rubble from one of the squares and the effect still persisted. The artifact at the middle of the first one was a Wriggling Napkin (1). It doesn’t seem to have a passive effect, but when I used it to find out what it did, it summoned a pack of four friendly flies. I’m thinking it can also summon other insects, like wasps or dermatiks, and there’s a possibility that they won’t be friendly, so I don’t plan to use it again until I’m prepared to kill whatever may spawn from it. On the upside, unlimited free meat because it recharged in the time it took to kill three grabber zeds, with no message denoting health deterioration, genetic damage, or radiation.

The other artifact was a Rattling Rod. The crater didn’t seem to have any effect and the rod doesn’t have charges so I assume there’s no active effect but it does decrease INT by 4 and increase carry weight by 50 lbs when in the inventory.


So my character just got Freakishly Huge which made me lost all the nice armor that I just got it’s pretty frustrating but not too bad since I couldn’t even wear it anymore. But my real problem is that I can’t fit in any vehicle anymore, not even the unicycle I was using so far. Is there any way to use vehicle when you’re Freakishly Huge?


I just pictured the Incredible Hulk trying and failing to ride a tiny unicycle, unable to get his massive feet to stay on the pedals.


Create an open topped v12 diesel muscle car the size of a tank. Or just up size the parts.


Oh well… It went downhill pretty fast from there and I’m currently dying from an infected wound :confused:

Edit : Aaaand it’s dead


Met a milspec + antimateriel turrets close to a gun shop today. Went all the way around the block gathering stuff for emp grenades only to find the turrets already destroyed by a horde. Currently sleeping in the gun shop completely surrounded by it. :sleepy:


Officer Dan spawned in the garage of a house on fire. No sign of the starter NPC so he grabbed the mostly working car and headed out ahead of the fire and oncoming zombie hordes.

Dan checked the map after leaving the garage. He was on the east side of a medium town with a hospital on the west. Looking at it more closely, it was obvious the north side of town was a Necropolis. Wanting nothing to do with that, Dan headed south and camped overnight near a swamp with grackens. Exploring over the next few days established there was an ant colony to the northeast and mi-gos on the north-south road to the west of town. Encountering one on the third night was kind of terrifying, but Dan realized that he had a Keltec KSG and mi-gos can’t outrun bullets: he came back a few days later and emptied 5 shells of buckshot into the dang thing, then ran for his life as a zombie horde approached.

Dan was beginning to despair about his chances: his car was out of gas, the parts of town that he could explore without running into endless irradiated wanderers didn’t have much stuff, and taking the main highway south looked uncertain at best. Then he noticed a little bit of road, southeast and on the other side of his swamp, and went over to investigate.

Jackpot! A farm, with sheep and horses being killed by zombies. Dan killed the zombies, fixed the barn and rebuilt the barbed wire fences, and (after editing the json files so that sheep are properly milkable) rounded up the sheep. There was even a survivor’s map at the farm.

More exploration netted a pristine motorcycle with sidecar, a mostly working RV, and after an epic and slightly crazy raid of the center of town, a welding cart and a welding goggles! Dan only has Mechanic 2, and no jumper cables, so powering it is going to be tricky, but he’s definitely moved out of the survival stage and started on adjusting his environment.


Officer Dan has been busily exploring, to mixed success. Lots of good, but also lots of bad.

Exploring Northwest past the Necropolis, he found a mansion - roughly two tiles away from a tear in reality. There’s nothing in a mansion worth spending a couple of hours near a tear and spawning endless flaming eyes, so he went north and found a partially broken bubble car and looted the solar panels. Just past that, he found a pristine Security Van. He ditched his motorcycle for a V6 Diesel and armor plate and hasn’t looked back.

Dan is now on a three day cycle of exploring in the van, fixing/upgrading the van, and then otherwise processing his loot. He’s ground his Mechanics up to 6, so his next stop will be to a wrecked APC to strip off the military armor. He’s also got Tailoring 6 and should be making survivor armor, but his Fabrication is too low and he’s having a hard time grinding it: no electric forges and no access to clay.

Dan visited an eval shelter. The refugee center is 3 overmaps away - 445 tiles - and there’s nothing in that storyline that justifies the trip.


Over 16 hours of gameplay (10 days in game) with the current character. I have yet to find a pot or a wrench, and I accidentally destroyed the only sewing kit I’ve found. So I’ve apparently been hand stitching everything up to my bone armor with a bone needle this entire time.


I understand the pain kuros. That has happened to me before.

I am now finding everything but labs for the past little bit. :frowning:


Officer Dan saw another survivor approaching the farm. and went out to talk to him. Sadly, Officer Dan is not particularly persuasive, and the new guy started fleeing - and then stopped, about 20 tiles away. “That’s odd,” thought Dan, and went down to see what the issue was.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex was the issue, busy killing wildlife about 80 tiles away from Dan’s farmhouse. Dan had just spent a couple of days taking down and relocating all the barbed wire at the farm (seriously, did not need 9 map tiles worth of cropland - 2 is plenty and now the barbwire is a double layer) and wasn’t interested in having a T-Rex trample his defenses, his walls, and him while he was sleeping.

Dan went off to grab the spare .50 BMG and a bunch of tools. Then h sawed it down to a rifle, made and mounted a scope, and grabbed some spare ammo. Properly equipped, he tracked the T-Rex to the plains southeast of the farmhouse. He improvised a firing position in a small tree, aimed very precisely, and fired. Hit! The T-Rex roared, but Dan reloaded and fired again. The T-Rex decided enough was enough and started fleeing, but Dan reloaded and fired one last time, killing it.

Best C:DDA day ever! Dan has Dex 11, Perception 11, Marksmanship 6, Rifles 3, and a scoped sawn-off .50 caliber rifle. He first engaged the T-Rex at range 38 and the second shot was at range 35 or so. The new ranged weapons rebalance is amazing.


The ranged weapon rebalance changed my whole play style tbh, I went from a melee god to a bow using man hunter


Officer Dan started as a SWAT CQB guy with a shotgun, but he moved on to a slingshot and then a shortbow and now a longbow. Hitting Archery 3 and the longbow was incredible: he starting shooting zombies from 20 tiles away, and can reasonable expect to kill 4-5 zombies in a mini-horde before any of them get close enough to threaten him - at which point he whips out the survivor machete and demonstrates he’s pretty good at melee, too.

But even crossbows are decently effective - a starting bionic prepper with the default crossbow and steel bolts can kill 2 zombies before they make contact, which is pretty decent for a starting character. And it trains the Rifle skill, which means when you’re well equipped with suppressors, you can get a 9mm carbine and start massacring zombies with that (or so I assume, my bionic prepper hasn’t gotten that far).


8+ hours of gameplay later, and I still haven’t found a gorram wrench or sewing kit.


Did you at least make yourself a bone or wooden needle?


Oh, yeah. See my post from 9 days ago. I started with a sewing kit (I decided to start as an Otaku), and then found a second one. I accidentally ruined both of them trying to turn them into tailor’s kits. I’ve been working with a bone needle ever since.

It’s actually a little interesting to learn what I can do with a makeshift welder, screwdriver set, soldering iron, and welding glasses but no Bolt Turning.


What can thou dos’t.


Officer Dan headed up a road into the woods and found, I kid you not, 4-5 3x3 mansions and one of the new huge 6x6 mansions within a dozen tiles of each other. Apparently that’s where the rich people lived.

There was also an Orchard Processing Station, which I’ve never seen before. I don’t know if it’s a new addition or just something I’d missed prior to this. Since it’s about 6 days until summer, Officer Dan plans to spend a few days looting mansions and then check out the processing station after the trees have bloomed.

While Dan was exploring the big mansion, he ran into ANOTHER T-Rex. Fortunately, he had a .50 rifle mounted on a turret on his security van, and it didn’t stand a chance. Though the noise attracted two shocker brutes that attacked AFTER Dan got out of the van - not fun.