What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


I assume skitty or spark is out of the question.


Am I Dead or will it get bored and go away ? Is there a way to salvage this situation ?

There’s no gas in the car, and the only weapon I have is a Two by sword.


It should get bored and leave. Alternatively, you could toss something on the ground and set fire to it or start shouting till it runs away.


Just use the yell command a few times and that will scare it away


It Worked ! Thanks guys. I didn’t know you could scare Moose by yelling, that’s pretty handy


Oh, you’re so evil. Now he’s crying in the woods. How cruel of you to shout at a poor moose.

Guess you’re lucky it wasn’t an Antlered Horror.


Day 1 mailman start. Went north to get a heavy branch from the swamp, saw a t-rex. Skirted the edge of the rex’s aggro radius harvesting underbrush then discovered the rex was running toward the evac shelter and my starter NPC. Turns out the rex was chasing a squirrel.

That character died to a lolrandom dementia and the rex exploded.


Some kind of bug deleted every rock I picked up around the evac shelter; after moving 4-5 maps away the bug stopped.


So I went to visit the Incomplete Cabin South of the Mansion Im in. Apparently someone took a disliking to the cabin not being finished because its now also a crater? Think Someone got the wrong coordinates, the triffed grove is in about the same relative location…North of the mansion.


Helicopter crashsite. Neat. Might be some good stuff buried under the wreckage.


yeah realized just after it was crash not crater
just got survival to 2 too so I can go after it with a stone shovel


Eggs…never spawn when I want them. It is mid autumn and I need bird eggs.


Why eggs specifically? Food is usually good enough as long as the nutrition level is there so you don’t need to chug vitamins to counteract the junk.

Ant eggs should be interchangable if reduced to powder… I think.


I’m trying ti make bird mutagen so I can then make alpha mutagen.


Have you tried searching bushes?


I’ve been foraging as well. But as I recall the eggs don’t spawn that way during autumn and winter.


I’ve just crashed a bank with 2 cars to break open the vault, smashed open the strongboxes and found literaly Shit.

-200 silver
-20 bucks
-miltech warmer suit

wtf game.


Eggs are guaranted to spawn i batches of 2, 4 or 6 in spring, and only on spring.


Well smeg and other unsavory things


That would be why I think the survival foods need looking at. o_o For one thing, just by harvesting bird eggs in spring, I have enough to eat scrambled through the entire winter, and the eggs take seasons to go bad? Why? Wouldn’t they either hatch or go bad?

And then in fall there’s the acorns. They never go bad and can be turned into an entirely too-filling meal. They also spawn in such high quantities that you can get a years worth of food in one afternoon of ruffling bushes. Very broken.

Not to go on a rant or anything . . .