What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Power Armor is great if you find a Hauling Frame. If you find Lab Journal - Herrera, you can find the recipe for the Power Armor Interface and Power Armor Interface MKII.

Power Armor will not save you from a Tank Drone’s HEAT rounds if they hit you directly, because those bypass normal damage calculations and insta-kill you, like Landmines. The same might go for C4 at PBR, I’m not sure.

Speaking of which, has anyone found the new Solar Panels CBM yet? I tried crafting a set, but the game deleted it upon re-opening the game, because the craftable CBM is still apparently the old version.


So what’s the use in the Interface CBM if you can run a power armour set on a UPS CBM?


The two interface CBMs are far more efficient than the UPS CBM. They’re easy to craft too, so there’s no excuse not to use them.


What are the numbers here?


Or bring along a shopping cart or wheel barrow.


Unforunately not very helpful if you need to go up or down a level.


For basic Power Armor:
UPS: About 4 power per tile walked
Interface MK1: About 1.3 power per tile walked
Interface MK2: About 0.6 power per tile walked

In other words, DEFINITELY worth getting the MK2 interface if you intend to use it a reasonable amount.
If you get the metabolic interchange CBM you can power yourself with food, so it’s pretty viable if you can find a hauling frame.


You can make a foldable shopping cart which works wonders for going up and down levels.


Still have to haul it all up/down the stairs though… It’s a good solution, but not perfect.


got super irradiated by something, blobs I think? (pkr) it was 60ish and I mutated tentacle arms, meaning I can’t wear the power armour anyway, sucks because I built a UPS and found the helm inside the same vault. The hulk returned with a bunch of friends and started making so much noise zombies just surrounded me from everyside, died from shocker brutes and general rad sickness, rip.


I just learned about locking skills. Been playing for over a year and still learning things…


You can use a hairpin as a lockpick also and you can wear it without adding any encumbrance and it has the same a lockpick value as an improvised lock pick. The fancy hairpin can also be used but it is not as good as the regular one.


Well good to know. But it still kinda sucks that you you can only wear 2 at a time.


Setting out to build my first “Rolling Fortress”. Starting with a Light Tank that has all four engines intact. Hoping that’s enough…


I just need 1 more Jabberwock Skull and then I’ll be able to build an Altar and truly ascend to Godhood.


When did jabberwock skulls become a thing?


From the Ascension Modpack. They’re one of the items needed to build the Altar at the endgame. You need two of them, actually.

Aaaaand I just realized I don’t have the Ant Queen egg. Crap, need to grab that too.


Somehow lost a half full 200L tank half full of ammonia… :frowning:
On a brighter note I meleed three hulks. :slight_smile:


Well, a while ago while stripping down a Luxury RV, I came across an NPC. She was fairly unassuming, friendly and I thought it’d be nice to have someone else join me along. I checked her stats and saw she was not only far-sighted, but also frail and had rather low intelligence despite having a rather respectable first aid stat. So I went and found her a pair of reading glasses and a couple of days later she saved me from a Zombie Hulk which knocked me into a wall and caused half the building I was in to collapse on me.

So yeah, I’m glad I brought her along.


I just got a pet Skitterbot!

Any idea what I should name him?