What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


I can just imagine the NPC flailing around like he’s making snow angels on the floor, trying to get into a more comfortable position.


Man, it has been about half a year since I’ve played Cataclysm and I thought it died when the last posts on the previous forums were from November, thankfully I found the post about this site. Anyways,

Spawned in evac shelter, looted it for what I could, took a step outside and apparently a running car just outside the shelter attracted all of the zombies from a nearby apartment complex… quickly got mauled to death. Oh Cataclysm how I’ve missed you.


Trying to get out of a lab while slowly freezing, hallucinating, and randomly teleporting is not fun folks.


I’m only 900 power converters away from reaching my goal of 400 Power Storage MKII CBMs.


Computers in schools, game machines in arcades, washing machines/dryers in laundromats…


Many stores have atleast one broken console as well.


I’ve heard whispers of a vehicle washer/dryer, but I’ve been unable to figure out how to create one out of scrap yet. Distinctly lacking in electronics books so far – there are TWO libraries across the street from the Hardware Superstore, but finding a safe spot to linger at while the music store catches fire is getting…problematic.

My zombie brute that I’ve been using for rock throwing practice has gone somewhere. I can’t find him!


Washers are in deluxe RVs. Good luck finding an intact one.


New character is dead on day 7. Shocker Brute surprise from around a corner. Even the shotgun didn’t help.


Evac start near a barn with a working but low fuel electric car, get in and drive around a bit looking for a town, find a backpack mess kit and mutagen flask from corpses, nearly get eaten by a wolf, drink mutagen and get cephalopod eyes and slimy, not bad.

Find a town just as fuel runs out has a bee house currently in a war with zombies, run through it luring bees into zombies and find another mutagen flask drinking this I get Cephalopod Vision giving me great night vision day 1!

Currently set up in a survivor basement as a hulk outside is punching down houses and zombies left and right, cephalopod vision has already saved me countless times and luckily getting very few shady zombies, oh and found basic power armour in a bank I somehow hacked with 2 computer skill. Luckiest run I ever had so far.


Noble Culver is preparing to migrate to a new world. He’s downsizing the Claw of Chaos MKIII (his Deathmobile) to be more compact, as well as minimizing the amount of resources he’ll be taking with him.

Also, I installed all the Power Storage MKII CBMs I had, and now I’m over 160,000 power. I had to consume the energy of several fully charged storage to even come close to fully charged.


Does a Power Armour set have any use without power supply?


well it’s 50 encumbrance unpowered, it has no head piece either so it’s not ideal but it’s a nice find for later on assuming I survive to power it, looking for books currently thankfully the hulk seems to be dead or wandered off, im hoping he is not hiding under some rubble ready to spring up one shot me.


Even if its unpowered, it stops anything short of a mininuke or high caliber rifle fire with a 100% block rate. You cant hit anything, but nothing can hit you either.


Power armor is the final word in actual armor rating. Nothing else comes even close. Even unpowered it will keep you safe no matter what you’re fighting, and in a game like this that’s worth a whole lot.


Damn. I don’t want to pull on a power armour without power, but I haven’t yet found a power interface. Used to wear an ANBC suit, but they’ve changed something in the temperature system while I was absent from the game for a week or so and my character ended up feeling [Very hot!] when I finally launched the game and updated it. What am I supposed to wear for summer that blocks shock, radiation, gas and stuff and covers all of my body and doesn’t get me cooked inside?


Well to power power armor you can either carry a charged UPS or run it from your bionic power using the Unified Power System CBM or one of the Power Armor Interface CBMs.

You could wear… magic? You want something simultaneously cool and fully protective, which isn’t really a thing. Your options are to either cook in the ANBC, power the Power Armor, or find some RM13 and power that.

Then again, Light power armor isn’t too bad even without power, but the near 0 carrying capacity is kind of a dealbreaker.


o_o Does power armor have climate control? It seems like it should, if I’m picturing things right. Never actually found power armor in the game.


It does. Not strong enough to handle a big fire or an ice lab, but it should be fine for summer/winter.


The main deal breaker for me and power armor is that even unpowered it won’t let you wear anything not even backpacks which considering its unimpressive volume capacity even with the hauling frame is the main issue I have. The main rebuttal to my issue is that power armor isn’t meant to allow you to carry all the things it’s meant to keep you alive in a fight so the play style it is probably meant for is clearing an area of baddies, going back to where you keep your things then switching it out for your actual carry everything gear going back and picking everything up.