What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Scorpion Kung Fu on level 3 unarmed is good, pretty much better than any other martial art for it’s knockback + stinger kick crit.


Yes, and Noble Culver’s unarmed is over seven times as high. :dark_sunglasses:

Sadly, I’m reaching the limit of how high I can push that skill, it seems.


I made a character that I used to test out a few bionics and later on chimera mutagens if I ever got that far. I fully admit that I gave her some extra starting points and picked out more traits than usual. Well, now three days later I’ve gotten too attached to her and can’t kill her and start over with a proper character.

I found a light tank in front of a day care added by the more locations mod. It was out of diesel, but I was determined to get that beauty for myself. I spent a night sneaking through the heavily infested city of Eastbrook, with only a few plastic bottles as containers for any diesel I could siphon out of trucks and wrecks. By morning I had a little bit over 6 liters of diesel in the tank and was ready to go, but Eastbrook was not ready to let me go just yet. Two brutes burst through the day care and proceeded to whack me so hard I flew to the garbage bin next to a restaurant and broke my left arm. I couldn’t really take them on as I didn’t have any powerful guns, but I somehow managed to run around the area surrounding the restaurant I got smacked to long enough to gain some distance and run into the tank and drive the hell out.

Now I’m back at my base in the town of Ansonia, with a battered tank sitting in the driveway. I had to take an offroad detour. I gave it the name Palanquin Tank.


How’d you get your stats so high? Mutations?


Stats through skills most likely. Mutations or CBM’s too, probably.


Stats through Skills played a small part in it.
Mostly through Mutations from PK’s rebalance, a little through CBMs, and about 4-5 each from STS.


I guess this is what I get for swimming around in the sewers and eating aquarium fertilizers.
Here we have the humble barn octopus, shedding its winter skin in preparation for the coming summer.

Edit: Elma survived 80+ irradiated, took all my medkits and healing supplies to survive that. With both arms and legs completely destroyed, she’s been cooped up in that barn for a few weeks recovering. Thank god for that barbed wire outside, zombies been milling around for a long time. Must be able to smell the vomit and blood.


2500 fricking nails! Grrrrr. I should just break down and make them.


Burn houses down for nails. Rebar too.


What is that for? Also nail rifle.


Agreed to both of y’all.


I found a place called Bow.

It is some roads shaped like a bow and arrow without any other features.

I thought it was pretty neat.


Hey that is pretty neat…



How neat is that?


A zombie brute punched me through a coffeehouse, breaking both my legs. Luckily, there was a usable motorcycle right there, so I hopped on it, and sped away.

Every morning, I collect rocks and then hop on the motorcycle and do donuts around the brute, chucking rocks at him. I’ll kill him eventually.

Also, there’s a moose engaged in wholesale fish slaughter nearby. And I found an NPC with all four limbs broken who is now resting at my base.


Just found out you can reload shotgun slugs using craftable gunpowder. Things are going to get FUN.


“…breaking both my legs (…) motorcycle (…) i hopped on it”
Once you put it that way this games sounds hilariously silly. And I like it for this.


For the mod that had the .410 bore conversion kit that was the main reason to do so.


The image of my female chef character, wearing a leather corset, chef’s toque, and a pair of splints, strapping herself to a Harley with a backpack full of rocks, has me literally laughing out loud.

Latest update: still haven’t killed the brute, because my aim is really bad with 0 throwing, on a bike moving 20mph. There’s a hardware superstore that I really want to check out. Thinking about setting fire to the music store across the street. I’m having a lot of fun using the bike to provoke zombies and move them away from the parts of town I want to loot.

My ally keeps taking his splints off. Not seeing any healing happening. I’m starting to think he may be quadriplegic.