What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


I would say it more depends on your starting circumstances. It can be either all right or indeed as you put it Aaaaaaaaahhhhh (on fire)


I managed to stay alive long enough to craft both long underwear, true achievement!!!

Then I saw the special bathroom


Currently in search of a stethoscope and science ID’s. It is the end of summer, 25 day seasons, and I have seen neither yet.

Admittedly there are other ways into a lab but my skills aren’t quite to that point yet.


How does a stethoscope help you break into labs. I only know it for opening safes which might occasionally have a science ID card.


Finally I gathered all of the Bionics.

I’ve also made a ton of Power Storage CBMs…but nowhere near enough to make it to 500,000. I’ve also started to run short on Burnt-Out Bionics and Processor Boards.

I’ve also come up with a desire to find a Granade, which is the only item capable of further boosting my power permanently. Sadly, they’re rarer than they were in the olden days. I’ve never seen a single one, myself and I don’t know if they spawn naturally.


They were migrated into Crazy Cataclysm mod. In my experience, they’re nerfed right now, so you’re more likely to get nerfs or BEES!!!. Still can’t use the beekeeper’s outfit to guard against bees. :frowning:


You are correct DeWolf. I worded my comment unclearly.

I have since found a stethoscope. :slight_smile:


Luckily I use Crazy Cataclysm religiously.

I have no idea WHERE to find them, though. Or how often they spawn, for that matter.


From looking at the mod itself any place where high military grade grenades are found but very rarely.


Any suggested spots to look for those?

some grenade and granade locations

Bunkers, military outposts, necropolii, zombie bio-operators and elite survivor zombies.


Elite Survivor Zombies? I don’t think those exist, at least not in any of the mods I’m playing.


It looks like that death drop is dead code. Sorry.


Stuff like probably labs and other places with a military grade armory. Only issue is they are rarer than mini nukes.


I remember that granades did boost your power, but in the recent experimental even if you did get “BUFFS” it didn’t change your stats whatsoever.


The first lab I get into has a rift at the bottom of the enterance stairs. Grrrr





Serves Gregory right for being so impolite. Just because the dead are walking the earth doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t be polite.


RIP. Dan ‘Ansom’ Handsome, after mutating into Kevin Costner from Waterworld (a little too fishy), was brought down by a surprise turret.

He was by far my most successful character, surviving into Summer of his second year. Now, who will harvest all his canola and marijuana?


Noble Culver learned Scorpion Kung Fu, learning his second out of five of the Deadly Venoms. Scorpion Kung Fu, for those who don’t know, emphasizes Critical Hits, and make your crits deal ludicrous damage. Remember that Noble Culver’s base STR is 33 (Base 27), his Unarmed Combat Skill is 22, and he has Claws.

I was stinger kicking zombies for over 600 points of damage. Because the Scorpion Kick has knockback, it actually makes it look like I’m hitting the zeds hard enough to make them explode. I want to see if I can hit something hard enough that the meat damages a structure.