What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Wow. That’s dark…


Or that time I busted into a barricaded barn in the middle of the forest to find two corpses just chock full of gear, with clean water and food for weeks stockpiled in the barn and cabin nearby. One corpse was female and the other was male, judging by the undergarments.

Guess they couldn’t just live with the apocalypse and ended it.


Great, now I need to find an E-ink computer. Curiousity will be the death of me.


Just destroyed my first tank drone using a .50 Barrett. Best playthrough so far.

It soaked 3 bullets from around 20 squares away, one of them being a grazing hit. Good outcome considering I have 200+ .50 bullets - tanks with Browning MGs are RNG blessings.

I’m now feeling confident about taking on a chicken walker, although the grenade launcher kind of makes me afraid I’ll lose my best run so far.

Got 4 NPC followers which I equipped only with melee so far, despite having 10+ varied guns (don’t really trust them - are they reliable with guns?). Maybe if I find a fungal or triffid infestation I’ll equip them with M60s and flamethrowers and set them to shoot anything on sight, just for fun.

Getting ready for the 10 hour long disassembly of the tank drone now. Well…


The first time I killed a tank drone,I was in some police center from some mod. It scared the crap out of me and I punched it to death


Tried crafting and using zombie pheromones for the first time. That stuff is amazing! They’re going to part of my standard equipment from now on.


My survivor so far has successfully widened out the RV she found on day 1 with heavy-duty frames scavenged off of an armored car.

She has built her own tools for electronic and mechanical maintenance, up to and including building her own vehicle welding rig.

She has even started manufacturing her own armor.

And she just botched making a sandwich. Twice. With the second time so badly that the ingredients have ceased to exist.

Rocket science is easy. Sticking meat between slices of bread is hard.


I kinda wish there was a tag for some recipes where it is still possible to mess up making the item but not possible to accidentally destroy the ingredients precisely for things like this as how is that physically possible. Either that or if you mess up you get essentially pieces of the items you ruined like maybe in the sandwich scenario you mess up and get chunks of bread and shreds of meat instead of outright deleting them from existence.


I just took down my first tank drone. :slight_smile: I’m so glad I decided to keep the Barrett around now.


Please, I knew someone who ended up burning cereal. Far as I’m concerned it’s perfectly reasonable for ingredients to be destroyed when you’re making a sandwich.


May I ask the context of that event?


She was apparently making cereal at the same time as something else and got cooking oil in the cereal, somehow setting it on fire in the process.

I’d ask for specifics, but unfortunately we fell out of touch.

Also, Noble Culver planted some corn and cleaned out his Deathmobile. Hopefully this will go a way towards making him that 2,000,000 dollars he needs.


My randomly named survivor is Craig Ferguson. I must keep him alive!


The construction of the MMSPCC (Mobile Maple Syrup Production and Comand Center) is in the making!


Doesn’t it need to be able to stick around for a while if you are extracting the sap from trees?


I mean, yeah. It’s going to be a tanker with the tank filled with maple syrup. Whenever I spot a maple tree, I will tap it.


Currently stuck with no decent way to train up electronics. Got it up to 1 by making antennae atleast though.

Made it through the first week so far and it looks like I’m going to need to go mobile long before I usually like to.

Grinding electric firestarters did the trick.

This run I’m using a different build that I normally do. I have hardly any of the usual crafting skills I start with, hence questions like the above.


I was a naturalist, got a npc but zombies surrounded me, I let npc fight while I flee and shoot the ones following me,I lose the arrows and throw the bow away, and started killing whit a stick, I kill me but take damage cause acid and see a lot of dead corpses, like 15-20, I kill some zombies and see my torso is 1 bar, I go to take the bow but it’s a boobytrap and I die from a sinkhole


Influenza again! That may teach me not to do vehicle repairs in the pouring rain.

This is not good… low food reserves at the shelter and i’m not in great shape for scavenging


Was bored with normal cataclysm, so I tried PK’s rebalance mod.