What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


Opened my game to show it off to a friend, and hottailed it back home. One of the cars that are metaphorically propped up on cinder blocks in my yard has somehow turned 90 degrees, and something busted open one of my windows. Both the NPCs at the base are fine, though, and there are no corpses.

It’s a mystery.


Walking without binoculars reveals very little on overworld tiles (compared to what you see from the start) and rivers are not too common it seams. I don’t think there is a strategy to finding rivers either because of the infinite map - there is no meaningful South/North/East/West generation in this sense. For example, in Unreal World you just need to go East or West in parallel to South of North coast to find rivers, as they all flow into the sea or large lakes.

I should have done it, peasants still have some valuable gear on them, just didn’t expect that two characters can spawn so close (about 20 overmap tiles) in wilderness.

I beg to differ!


No, but seriously, at least one of your suiciders was within walking distance of your ideal spot. I mean, play how you like, but I never give up on anybody I’ve generated, and if you know you’re gonna explore the area around your ideal spot anyway, why not allow for some of that exploring in order to find it?


Made a deathmobile from a broken APC -
9 upgraded solar panels and it had every crafting station capable of being installed in a vehicle: Forge , welding rig , rv kitchen unit , onboard chemistry station and FOODCO kitchen buddy. Levelled up all skills (except for swiming , trapping and throwing) past level 8 , got full ++ survivor gear , got to the point that i could kill zombies with 2/3 hits because my character was a blackbelt using muay thai style - So i could pretty much destroy everything , even the most powerful enemies such as moose.

Then i died because i went towards a roadblock with turrets wich i didn’t noticed and all those achievements were erased in a matter of seconds

Well , time to start the cycle all over again amirite :smiley: ?

(Cataclysm players in a nutshell)


Apparently smoking pays-off in Cataclysm - a smoker zombie walked into a river and walking around at the bottom of it. Can see him by the cloud of smoke over the water, he seam to be doing just fine.


Looting a prepper house, I’ve spotted all of the traps including several buried landmines. I’ve disarmed everything but the landmines because I don’t want to risk them blowing. Leaving the house with everything I’ve gained I pick my way through the landmines . . . and one of my NPC’s steps right onto one.

Edit: Also I found some sort of electric crystal artifact. Not sure if it’s vanilla or from a mod and I have no idea what to do with them.

Edit 2: Never mind, I may have been looking at a number of charges instead of the number of crystals I found when picking it up. I think it’s a standard artifact.


More lab scouting for Daryl. He has noticed that there are more and more brutes and hulks appearing,

Maybe it is time to start looking and the CBM’s that litter the back of Eagle Five…

edit SICP was found. Now to find Robots For Fun and Profit!


Just started a new game in PK’s rebalance with Ascension Mod enabled (and several others that aren’t part of that set). My starting shelter was jammed up against a town. Survived the first batch of zombies bursting through the windows by leading them to the NPC who spawned in the shelter for him to kill. One of the houses right next to the shelter? Home to a real katana.


Found an artifact that gives me Clairvoyance with no downsides. Do I win?


What are the exact effects? Also is it regular clairvoyance or super clairvoyance?


Its “See through Everything”, so Super Clairvoyance. And it probably has some other effects if you wield it, but I can get just Clairvoyance if I hold it. No clue what its activation power is.


So yep no downsides and it makes it so you can see around yourself for miles.


Spawned in as a shower victim ‘really bad day’ challenge character. I was lucky enough for my house to have a few winter-related gear like mittens and a fur cap. I dodged in between houses frantically to try and find a first aid kit or something, but eventually found antibiotics (amazingly). After getting some clothes, I basically holed myself in a house for a few days recovering from my infection and flu. Dodging between swarming zombies was a problem, especially trying to shake them off of me, but I took 3 dodging on my character creation so that helped immensely.

After I was healthy enough, I made a makeshift crowbar and basically just smash and dashed 2 museums. Managed the grab some seriously good mismatched armor pieces. Armored gloves & boots, leather body armor, a kabuto, steel arm guards and a real wakizashi. All of it fitted perfectly. Flintlock weapons and ammo were an added bonus.

The armor pieces above plus a hoodie/leather jacket combo puts my encumbrance at around 20-
28 overall.

Now all i need to do is grab books and i’m golden.


Lost my one Cerebral Booster to a botched installation. Figured that getting it in first to boost my intelligence was the best plan…


Started a new game and walked from my shelter to the nearest town. Did I say town? I meant the fucking necropolis. Unfortunately I went down to a swarm of zombies I couldn’t get away from. I tried to run and ran into more who grabbed me. Was already over 150 pain and just looking for a place to sleep.


This conversation happened (in my head)

Me: Crap, the nearest cathedral is miles away!
Kathleen (my second in command): Actually, its up by that place we were at during Year 1.
Me: Oh. In that case, ROAD TRIP!


Just built my first fermenting vat. Bring on the Booze!

Any suggestions as to the most effective/resource friendly way to go about things?


Is it one of my mods or is it normal for some patient treatment records to include the recipe for purifier?


A mod I think. At least I have never seen it that way playing mostly vanilla.


Discovered a secret place underneath a house containing two hostile ninjas a shoggoth and other otherwordly monsters