What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


@Rot - I haven’t done this but I’ve seen folk talk about putting a turret in an area to light it. Maybe that is a solution for you?


Hate to tell you this, but I’m pretty sure HackPro can’t actually be found in labs.

I’ve recently crafted a sledgehammer. Considering I have 28 STR, this thing will hit like a truck. Possibly literally.


Luckiest run yet when it comes to CBM’s. Two CBM carrying electronics stores and a Fusion Blaster arm of all things laying near a drug deal gone bad. Just need a bit more power capacity and something better than a Battery CBM to charge up with.


Heh, I’ve found maybe a half-dozen fusion blaster arms on dead drug dealers. It’s a bit odd that they have them.


Paraphrased from someone long ago.

Drug Dealer with Fusion Blaster Arm: Hey, do you do drugs?
Person: Uh, no.
Drug Dealer: [primes FBA] Welp, now you do.

EDIT: Also from someone long ago, named “darth_servo”
“Whenever I come upon a pile of dead drug dealers, there’s always at least one Fusion Blaster in the wreckage. I know they didn’t die in the apocalypse – those sad bastards were wiped out by their fusion-blaster armed comrade after he went into a homicidal rage when he discovered he could no longer open a jar of mayonaise without assistance.”


If I were dealing drugs in that version of New England I’d want a Megaman arm too.


Couldn’t you use the space between your bicep and forearm to hold the jar? What about between your legs?

Was he just frustrated all the time and just blasted the jar with his megaman arm? Was his house just covered in mayonnaise all the time?

Why can’t he just get the squeeze bottle mayonnaise?

Such questions need answers.


I can tell you from real life experience that trying to use your knee joint to hold a jar while you try to open it usually results in spilling most of the contents on yourself.


Productive lab raiding so far. Barracks are good for reading material.

The mutations thread has me considering a different that usual path for me but time, and books, will tell there.


Slowly expanding a hippy van into the Doom Bus. So far it has a couple of cargo spaces and has been expanded to hold a kitchen unit, a FOODCO kitchen buddy, and a mini-fridge. Plus a bunch of solar panels and two storage batteries. Windshield has been replaced with reinforced glass from some military vehicles that were in otherwise poor shape. Might have to find a school so I can get a chemistry book, nothing has dropped one and I hit two bookstores and a library and found almost nothing for cooking and sewing.

Took potshots at an eyebot with my new megaman arm that insists on hitting everywhere except where I aim it, but on the upside apparently spears are one handed weapons because I can still use them.


Weird, the Fusion Blaster Arm is supposed to have good accuracy. No idea why you’re having such a tough time hitting things with it.


A rating of zero in the appropriate skills and a perception of 8 I assume. If the car I kept hitting (seriously it was like it was magnetically attracting the blast) when I missed the eyebot had been closer the blast radius would have killed the thing.


Increasing my skills a bit definitely helped. Got a direct hit on a Zombear and while it was technically around for a few rounds after it was hit those rounds were spent being on fire and it died shortly thereafter of natural causes. Fire is natural, right?

And with the addition of more solar panels, more storage batteries, a steel ram, and converting it from it’s original wimpy engine to a V8 with a truck alternator the Doom Bus mark 1 is ready to roll, although I might take some superglue and fix up the few parts that aren’t mint condition. I need to start exploring further than I can on foot so I can gather more batteries and maybe find some of the skill and recipe books I’m missing.


Charlene Redcurl’s legs finally grew back. This happened when 15 spitters, spewed acid on a hospital floor that melts them, and the npc that opened the door nearby in search for something to do with zombie blood. 3 panic nail bombs later, she dragged herself back to the truck. Ran over a few hundred zombies and no few brutes to get to a basement. Splints were made, left leg healed in a few days, the right took a few weeks. Many books were read, and archery, and throwing weapons was practiced.

I’m not sure the legs should have came back… but we’ll call it good genetics.


Went around and raided nearby towns for melee weapons and books. Decided to forgo raiding the new apartment towers and just live in a tent in the middle of a forest.

Steadily training my stats up, once I get good armor I’ll be golden.


For wilderness start was rolling characters till I spawn visible distance from a river. Rolls wheren’t too lucky but after 30+ suicides I finally got a good place.
25 days later I find a poor dead sod in the swamp - one the characters that suicide.


Jeez, man, what’s wrong with walking?


While I sometimes start-scum, I usually save the world and reset it rather than suiciding. Keeps your memorial file from getting overpopulated with non-starters.


That’s because they weren’t removed, they were just injured to a point where you could no longer use them.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for winter to end so I can plant some seeds. Mostly Marijuana, Cotton and Canola seeds. The idea is to have a neverending supply of cooking oil.

Also, Noble Culver’s voice is now Snarling. As if he wasn’t already scary enough.


Dang zombies tried to nom on my deathmobile! They only damaged the from corner but still, have they no manners?