What's happening in YOUR randomly generated apocalypse? Part 2!


That I have not done yet.

I have used shift-Q to try and quit. Lost on of my first successful survivors that way.


I made the mistake of looking away from the screen


Back when vitamin deficiency was NOT cosmetic (when did that change?), carnivores were exempt from vitamin penalties of anything they couldn’t eat.


Got myself a stack of Arcana books, made some Glyphs. Now to see if their use results in horrific death!
If I survive, I may consider playing purifier roulette to get rid of hollow bones (40% carry weight reduction is not fun, especially when my normal gear is five kgs from the new limit).


i thinked i had to use a lighter to set fire in there, but apparently i set it on fire! also, theres gas tanks near


It feels really good to be back. Currently messing around with my usual mutant run and a punk rock character. Will post results later.

A little disappointed about the disappearance of signatures. Being able to link to my guide felt good.


Nice to see you again Rot.

On another note, started a new run as a blacksmith with 7 fabrication and 7 tailoring. Currently held out inside a boxing gym reading books in my snazzy new rioter gear.


Had to restart half a year of progress after some complications. But on the bright side, I got the Plutonium Filter Bionic. Also, I found out what happens when you feed one of those Blobs a bunch of Blob Feed.

I’m off to rebuild the Claw of Chaos! Maybe give it a better name.


after my gas stasion base became on fire, i took the necessary stuff, some crops and fleed, but becose all my meat jerky and water had burned, and winter was approaching, i had to go to a city, i sneak but the house i enter has a screamer in it, and i quickly become surrounded, best run yet


That’s why always keep a fire extinguisher nearby in my base, just in case I accidentally set something on fire I can run and put it out.


Took me nearly a year but I finally found a real welder. Time to chuck the makeshift one into a ditch! :slight_smile:


Broke both of my legs clearing out a public works. Currently boarding it up and starting by deathmobile.


A glowing jelly mutates its holder but it gives +4 to intelligence!

Beakdog Wood River successfully installed repair nanobot.


Glowing Jelly? Is that a fish, or are you referring to Mutagen?


Sounds like an artefact. An artefact that mutates its holder. Sounds fun.


New character started in an evac shelter . . . right next to a densely packed town. And a migo. Miraculously not dead yet.


Playing a Spiritually Inclined Mechanic. Forgot to check my wounds during a fight
on Day 2 and discovered that both my legs and my left arm were crippled. So I’m playing it completely cautious and very focused on building my mobile base. Rather than trying to kill everything I find, it’s been all about creating noisemakers and distractions.

The only religious text I’ve been able to find is Dianetics. I did find a survivor’s note saying that somebody else had the same problem, which is hysterical.

Also, I’ve found an item I’ve never seen before: aluminum kegs. This run has been lousy with them, too.


Just found an aluminum keg myself. If it would start raining instead of snowing I’ve got it out to collect rain.


After searching five large cities and four labs for a copy of HackPRO, it dropped on a regular zombie in the middle of an empty field…


I decided that I wanted to turn on wandering hordes plus Z levels, so i transferred my character over to a reset world. Spawned in the middle of nowhere next to an empty cave, which I immediately made my base.

Not gonna lie, a cheated a bit to add some utility lights. I don’t know how i’m gonna light up the area below, because I would’ve just did the thing I usually do and just make a “vehicle” that’s just solar panels and vehicle utilities + lights to make my base a home.

While I was waiting for the hordes to pass I amassed a bunch of construction items beforehand and just built furniture, living off of my stockpiled food and underground water pump I made.